Ninja HB152 Foodi Cold & Hot Blender [Review]

I love making my own drinks, be it freshly curated juice, a pitcher of marginates when I have a lot of guests coming (generally all the time), or smoothies. There is a certain way I like them and it seems that no one can make them as I want, so, ultimately it is me on the blender pressing fruits and vegetables always. It was a back a year ago when one fine day my blender gave up on me. Using it almost every day, I was expecting the unspeakable to happen but not so soon. I had used the blender for only 2 years and it died. So, I decided that I  needed not just a new blender but a strong and highly functional blender that goes a long way with me. I literally scoured the entire blender market but nothing convincing every caught my attention. It had been about 2 weeks when I suddenly stumbled upon the Ninja Foodi Blender with Heat-iQon It was an instant hit for me.

The blender looked fantastic. It was packed with features and all the videos I saw of it made me get even more attracted to it. I felt a little hesitant only when it came to the pricing. I must tell you, it is by far one of the costliest blenders I have ever seen or bought. But you know, the heart wants what it wants plus the online reviews of people were also very positive. Long story short, I went for the Ninja Foodi Blender with Heat-iQ. 

Being such a popular product, I found out that people have a ton of questions and queries about the product. Hence, I am here to provide one of the most vivid ninja food cold and hot blender reviews. I have used this product for more than a year now and throughout the journey, I have learned a lot of stuff about this product that any buyer should know about. But, before we move further, here is a little description of the company that I have put together for individuals who are curious to know who makes these benders and their history. 

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About Ninja HB152 Blender

Ninja, a part of the SharkNinja Operating LLC is one of the most renowned manufacturers and distributors of small household appliances and cleaning formulas. They are one of the very few brands that pioneer innovative kitchen appliances and through this, the company, since its inception, has slowly grown into a household name in various parts of the world. With headquarters in Boston, the company produces a number of products including blenders, coffee and tea makers, cookers, Ovens, Indoor grills, and more. All of Ninja products are known for their unique features. Apart from others one of the more recognized products of Ninja is its Ninja hb152 foodi cold & hot blender that has been loved by users all around. 

So, there it is, a little insight into the brand and its products. Now that we have that out of the way let’s move ahead with the Ninja hb152 blender review. Let’s first start with the features.

Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender, 64 oz, Black

Features – Ninja Foodi Blender with Heat-iQ

The ninja foodi cold & hot blender with heat-iq hb152 comes with a whole lot of new features as compared to a normal blender. 

  1. 800-watt heating element: The blender is equipped with a heating system and can easily boil and cook your vegetables in merely minutes. This is an uncommon yet exceptional feature in a blender. Useful, especially if you want to mix something and heat it too. You can do that directly on the blender, saving you a ton of time. 
  2. Auto IQ: The blender also comes with 12 pre-installed programs including temperature control, pausing, pulsing and a variety of modes ranging from Ice – Cream, Saute to Smooth soup, Hearty soup, and Smoothie to name a few. 
  3. High speed and stainless steel blades: The Ninja Foodi Blender with Heat-iQ blends at an aggressive speed using its 1400 peak watt motor. And its stainless steel blades guarantee sharp and effective cuts along with an extended shelf life. 
  4. Nonstick pitcher: The blender is attached to a speak looking, 60z nonstick glass pitcher. 
  5. Easy cleaning: An innovative way of cleaning, the blender comes with something they call the Heated clean program. A one-click cleaning mechanism that cleans the entire blender in an instant. 
  6. Accessories: When you buy the blender you also receive a number of accessories including cleaning parts, a tamper to push all the fruits and vegetables down, and obviously the 60oz glass pitcher. 
  7. Weight: The blender only weighs about 5.49 pounds making it a very mobile device. 
  8. Dimensions: A compact design with dimensions 8.78 x 7.86 x 17.91 inches, in other words, the blender doesn’t cover a lot of space. 

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With so many exciting features, the blender has got a lot of positive to its side. In my one year of usage, I have found the blender to help me a great number of times with its aspects. So, here are the top of the blender features: 

  1. The heating system is very useful for making something like soup. 
  2. Cleaning is extremely easy with the accessory provided you can clean even the back of the blades easily. 
  3. It doesn’t require a lot of space. It can fit in any small area. 
  4. Easy to carry. 
  5. With the 12 modes, you have the ability to blend a number of ingredients, the way you want to. 
  6. Fast blending. Takes far less time than any other normal blender. 
  7. Stainless Steel blades make for long shelf life. 
  8. It comes with a lot of accessories which is always great to have. 


Where there are so many admirable features on this blender, there are also some negatives that I wish weren’t there in it. Here are the cons of this Ninja Blender. 

  1. Extremely expensive – in fact, one of the most expensive blenders in the market currently. 
  2. You need to understand the entire mechanism of how the blender works in order to use it. 
  3. It doesn’t come with a display only physical buttons. 
  4. If you forget about the heating function after starting it, you might accidentally touch the glass and it can burn your fingers. 
  5. It can take a few days to get used to the blender. 

How to use the ninja HB152 Blender 

This ninja hb152 blender review will also help you understand how you can use the blender effectively. Just like any other, the basic functioning of the Ninja blender is the same. However, with so many programs and features, someone might find it difficult to understand how to go about using it. Don’t worry, here are a few quick steps:

  1. If you are using the blender for the first time make sure you clean the glass pitcher. Also, have your fruits or vegetables ready with you. 
  2. Put the pitcher onto the blender and add the fruits/vegetables. If the ingredients resist fitting into the pitcher you can use the tamper to shove them inside it. 
  3. Make sure the blender is connected to a power supply. Now, power on and choose one of the 12 modes present on the blender, for example –  Smoothie, saute, soup, and more. You can also adjust the temperature depending on what you make. 
  4. Now that all is set, start blending.

It is fairly easy to use the blender and doesn’t take a whole lot of effort nor a lot of time to make your favorite smoothie or soup. 


So, here it is. All you need to know about the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook Hot blender is right here. I hope this article will help you make a more sound decision when buying this blender. You should know that the blender is kind of an expensive one. So, if you are extremely sure about it, only then go for it. If you want a test run, you can visit any electronic store nearby that sells blenders and check it out. You can also go with where you not only can find discounts on the product but also get a return duration if the product doesn’t fit your needs. 

It is also important to note that you need to maintain the blender. Cleaning it regularly is one of the few things that you need to take charge of. The accessories that come with the blender are small and should not be left loose or you can miss place it. If you happen to lose the accessories, finding a replacement can cost you extra. Also, if you get confused looking at the large buffet of options present on the blender, don’t worry. It was confusing for me too. There are a lot of videos available online that will help you understand how to use blender optimally. You can also use the manual. So, go on, get yourself a brand new Ninja blender and start relishing upon fresh smoothies and hot soup, all hassle-free. Happy shopping! 

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