Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker Review 2022

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker Detailed Review

We got this Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker when our old waffle iron died after many years of use. My husband is a die-hard waffle aficionado and he was heart-broken when our old waffle iron was broken. We immediately looked for a new one and picked Presto among the rest. Aside from being affordable, it occupies a small space for storage.

For such a small appliance, it takes more batter than our old waffle maker. I guess it was designed with less bulk in mind. Other than that, it’s been more than three years now and it’s still going well – a truly great investment.

What we like

  • This Presto FlipSide waffle maker has a professional-style rotating design. It has extra thick grid that makes Belgian waffles that are seven inches in diameter.
  • This Presto 03510 waffle maker can be flipped 180 degrees for an evenly spread waffle batter. The result is waffles that are tender inside and crispy outside.
  • The base of this Belgian waffle maker is dual purpose. First, it makes rotating the plates really convenient. Second, it locks the plates in a vertical position for compact storage.
  • The non-stick surface of this Belgian waffle iron can be wiped clean very easily. The exterior has a brushed stainless steel finished.

What we don’t like

We really love this Presto Flipside waffle maker especially my husband who can’t have a good day without a waffle for breakfast.

The only downside about this unit is its built-in timer. It is battery-operated which is kind of weird because the waffle maker is already powered by electricity.

My husband doesn’t rely on this built-in timer.

He has his own timer that he uses when making waffles. Overall, this Presto Belgian Waffle Maker works and makes very delicious waffles every time.

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Top Reasons that I Like About Presto Waffle Maker

  • COMPACT STORAGE: We don’t have that much space in our kitchen to spare for a bulky waffle maker. We like this Presto 03510 Flipside because it can be stored in a vertical position. It has a holder that keeps the unit straight-up thus occupying only a small space on our countertop or cabinet. It is a conservative way to store things away when not in use.
  • NO FRILLS: This is a no-frills Presto waffle maker. It is so easy to use that anyone can use it –even the children, of course with a little adult supervision. We just plug it in, pour our favorite waffle batter recipe in, flip it, set our timer, and take out the cooked waffle once it’s done. That’s how simple it is to use.
  • GETS CLEANED IN SECONDS: I usually end up cleaning this waffle iron when my husband is done making waffles for breakfast. I never complain about cleaning this machine because I can finish cleaning it in a few seconds.

My husband is usually very careful not to overfill it so there are no spillovers. I just use a small cooking brush to sweep off those tiny crumbs left on the surface. Within seconds, the unit is clean and ready for the next waffle making session.

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