Is Ceramic Cookware Safe?

Questions about the safety of these ceramic cookware have been asked. This brought about by myths from ill-informed minds. In addition to these rumours, the non-stick feature is still questionable with the recent POFA chemical elements. It still remain a wonder how you can prepare your food without worrying about the sticking issues. Yes we can’t dispel the fact that these ceramic cookware contain metals such as Aluminium, but these metals cannot leach into your food when cooking as there is a barrier between the ceramic and metal parts. To set the record straight, all cookware must be inspected and later regulated for them to be certified for human usage by the state.

Even with these health issues in the air, there is no need to be anxious about the harmful effects of using these cookware on your family. There are no chemicals harmful to your health or that of your family. Hence, many people have since taken up the call to cook using the non-stick pans.

What you need to know about the Safety of Ceramic Cookware When in Use

In order to be certain of these facts, you need to first understand the components of the ceramic cookware. They are either made of pure clay or a metal surface covered with a thick porcelain enamel. In addition, there is a distinctive barrier between the metal part and the porcelain enamel. This also ensures even distribution of heat for easy cooking and thus prevents overcooked foods. These clay based cookware is definitely the preferred choice for many cooks in the major hotels. This is considered true as the cookware end up being lightweight compared to metal based cookware.

Materials such as Cast Iron, Copper, Aluminium and Steel have heat conductivity, rust and regular polishing issues. The cheap ceramic low quality cookware ends up cracking and breaking. This is because they have a shorter durability period compared to their ceramic counterparts. With the improvement in technology, scientists have come up with ceramic models that can not only be used for gas heating but also in induction heating. With this in mind it, is evident that ceramic cookware cannot pose health problems.

Manufacturers still insist that ceramic cookware is safe only when perfectly used. They insist that we should not use metal objects when cooking with the cookware. Metal objects such as spoons can easily scratch them due to their soft nature. The coating will start peeling off exposing the toxic which lay under it.

Manufacturers have also proved that these non-stick cookware items are safe when properly maintained. It will be dangerous to leave these ceramic cookware on the oven at very high temperatures. The result will be emission of poisonous fumes harmful to a person’s health.

Ceramic cookware are safe as they are generally inactive the various chemicals. Compared to metal cookware, ceramic do not react with acidic solutions, this is to mean there will be no cases of corrosion and regular polishing. This guarantees you of chemically stable surfaces which do not react with food substances. This ceramic enamel is made of heated glass powder hence its inert nature.

In conclusion, the safety of this ceramic cookware depends on how you maintain them. Observing these simple tips will assure you of 100% toxic free food.

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