Black & Decker Juicer JE2200B Juicer Review

“For the price it’s a great juicer. It does exactly what it says and it does it well.”
“This is good product for the price. Can do the job.”

Some of the positive feedback for this Black and Decker Juicer. With over 300 customer reviews, this juicer rated 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Product Features

  • 400 watts of power plus a stainless steel cutter and strainer juices all your favorite fruits and vegetables with ease
  • Large, integrated pulp container reduces space taken on counter
  • Custom juice cup makes measuring, pouring and serving easy
  • Dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze
  • Measures 13 by 9 by 9-inch; 2-year limited warranty

The Review

Obviously, this is a very low priced juicer. However, with 400 watts of power and a stainless steel cutter and strainer, it performs amazingly well. Keep in mind that it has a small feed chute so you may have to cut up some of your vegetables before juicing. For the same reason, this would not be practicable if you are making juice for several people.

Because it has an integrated pulp container, it takes up less counter space. And, clean up is reported to be  easy.

Any Drawbacks?

The most common complaint was the small feeder tube which requires you to cut up your fruit and vegetables before juicing. And, it was suggested that it would be difficult to produce juice for multiple people

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The Verdict

This is a good buy for the money. So many customer reviews have been positive such as “ I think you get more than your money’s worth out of this juicer. ”. This could be a good “starter” juicer if you want to try making your own juice but don’t want to invest a lot of money.

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