Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Review 2022

How can you go wrong with a product endorsed by Jack LaLanne? He’s 94 years old and he’s still working out and looks great! He has to know something about living a healthy lifestyle, right? I’ve been using his juicer for the last month, and couldn’t be happier the results and the way juicing makes me feel.

One of the best features of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is that it is quieter than most. While its motor and feed tube are a bit smaller than other juicers, it still performs well. To compensate for the weaker motor and smaller feed tube, I find I need to do a bit more chopping and cutting. However, that is a small price to pay, as the price tag of this juicer is almost $300 less than some of the more powerful juicers out there. In addition, it is smaller and more compact than those higher priced juicers. One drawback to this juicer is that you cannot put a large container under the spout to catch the juice. Because the spout is low you have to use a small glass, which only allows you to make one glass of juice at a time.

Overall this juicer works great! If you are looking to get into juicing at a smaller price, I would definitely recommend this juicer.

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