Best Meat Grinders Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide

If you are a pure non-vegetarian who loves to cook delicious non-veg dishes for their loved ones, then you must be equipped yourself with a reliable meat grinder. Yes, you can save a lot of time while preparing meat dishes by using a meat grinder instead of other grinding and chopping tools. Here we have picked the market’s best and top-rated meat grinders for you.

No matter whether you cook food for your loved ones or own a small business that requires regular meat grinding, a reliable meat grinder helps you in many ways. Meat Grinders are of different types and comes in different sizes and shapes to suit the demands of various users.

Meat Grinders work on the same principles but their characteristics are different from each other. If you are searching for a new Meat Grinder for your home or for your small food business, then here are the best Meat Grinders of 2020. The following Meat Grinders Reviews help you to decide which Meat Grinder is suitable for you.

Best Meat Grinder Reviews 2020

We have spent over 40 hours in researching the best Meat Grinders from the world’s trusted brands. We have gone through the reviews and feedback left by their regular users. After collecting all the useful and required information, we have put them together in the reviews which are enlisted below.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the review section of the Best Meat Grinders now!

1. STX International STX-3000-TF Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer


  • Extra-larger size suitable for big families
  • Can grind up to 360 Lbs of Meat in an hour
  • Made from high-grade stainless-steel parts
  • 3 Speed Switch system to change the grinding speed
  • Easy-to-use features and functions
  • Lightweight and Compact size


  • Some users are complaining about the poor plastic material body of the Grinder
  • Not suitable for Grinding Fruits, animal bones and nuts

STX International provides a huge range of different types of Kitchen Appliances and tools to make your cooking experience smoother. If you are searching for a Meat Grinder, then STX International’s STX-3000-TF is the best choice for you.

It’s a fully Electric Meat Grinder running with Electricity. It works super smoothly and grinds all types of meat quickly. This light-duty Meat Grinder is specially designed for home users. If you love to cook meat dishes on your own, then this Meat Grinder can be the best companion of yours.

It’s a lightweight grinder and comes with all the features and functions that you might be looking for. You don’t need to spare a separate space for this grinder in your kitchen. It comes with a compact size allowing users to store it anywhere easily. It provides a hassle-free grinding experience.

This Grinder operates on 1200W which gives you the feeling of a commercial Meat Grinder. With this Meat Grinder, user can grind up to 320 to 360 Lbs of Meat in an hour. The grinding capacity is depending upon the grind plate that you use and the type of meat you are using to grind on this machine.

It’s a 12” Meat Grinder which is sufficient enough for a big family. There are plenty of options available with 5” and 8” Meat Grinders which are not suitable for big families. This Electric Grinder features 3-Speed Settings, this lets you set the grinding speed as per your requirements. There is a special Circuit breaker function also available to keep it safe from short circuits or any other accidents.

From here, you will get the full kit of the Grinder and all the essential and supportive tools to grind all types of meats. You don’t need to buy any additional accessories for this grinder. If we talk about the package, it includes 12” Meat Grinder, 3 Grinding Plates, 3 Stainless-steel plates, 3 Sausage Stuffing Tubes, 1 Sausage Stuffing Plate, 1 Kibbe Making Attachment, 1 Meat Pusher. It also comes with a Grinder Heat and Meat Hopper.

The Auger of this Meat Grinder is made using the advanced AVI Technology. When you attach a larger size of the hopper on this Grinder, this technology helps the Grinder to grind a larger amount of meat with one go. You don’t need to add meat into the hopper again and again.

As mentioned above, all the accessories and tools are included in the package. You don’t need to buy anything additionally from the market. This product is backed by the company’s 90 days of unconditional moneyback guarantee. On top of that, it comes with 3 years limited warranty on the parts.

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2. LEM Products 575-Watt #8 Electric Meat Grinder


  • Lightweight and Compact in Size
  • Fully Electric Functionality works automatically
  • 3 buttons to control the machine
  • Comes with all the useful attachments and tools
  • Affordable pricing suits everyone


  • The Grinder makes unnecessary noise while grinding meat
  • Some of the parts of this machine are made from Plastic materials
  • Grinder looks durable but some users are reporting about the quality issues of its parts.

LEM is a trusted name in the industry with a range of both, manual and electric meat grinders. The brand has been providing uncomplicated solutions to your meat grinding needs. If you are low in budget, then LEM’s 575-Watt Meat Grinder is the best option available for you.

This Meat Grinder is working itself with an Electric power source, unlike manual meat grinders. It’s a lightweight and compact-sized grinder to suit your basic needs. It doesn’t occupy extra space in your kitchen as it is very compact in size.

The overall weight of this grinding machine is just 30 pounds. You can easily move it around as per your needs from one place to another. The product is made from high-grade stainless-steel materials which ensure great durability and tough build quality.

This machine is affordable to those who grind different types of meats every now and then. If you and your family members are fond of eating delicious meat dishes, then you should buy this Meat Grinder machine immediately as it is designed to suit your needs effectively.

The functionality of this Grinder is very straightforward and it doesn’t require any special grinding skills. All you have to do is just plug it to the power source and start the grinding process. It’s easier than manual grinders and works faster.

If we talk about the grinding capacity of this machine, then this 575-Watt Meat Grinder can grind up to 3 pounds of meat in a minute. It offers pure ground meat in an hour which can last for an entire month.

The size of this Meat Grinder is 8-Inches which is the most common type for home users with limited usage of the machine. To grind meat on this machine, you first need to cut the meat into pieces of approximately 1 Inch so it can pass through the grinding tubes easily.

The grinder is not made from stainless-steel thoroughly, but its parts. It comes with all the useful parts and accessories which you can use to grind different types of meats. The package includes 1 cutting knife, 2 grinder plates and 1 stuffing plate. A stuffing tube is also included in the package along with the main unit.

The parts of this Meat Grinders are not dishwasher safe. You can detach them and can wash them with your hands. If you wash the aluminium parts of the machine with dishwasher, the shiny finish from the parts will disappear.

Talking about the extra features, then this machine comes with a Cord and a separate Cord storage box underneath the main unit. Power Indicator with proper numbers is also given. There are three buttons given to control the machine and its speed.

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3. Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder


  • Easy-to-use fully Electric Meat Grinder
  • Runs with the Powerful 350-Watts of motor
  • Suitable for grinding Meats and Vegetables
  • Comes with a set of accessories and tools
  • Extra-large die-cast hopper
  • Offers three cutting plates: Fine, Medium and Coarse
  • Simple control buttons to control the grinder
  • Compact and lightweight unit


  • Some of the parts of this Meat Grinder are made from cheap plastic materials
  • The parts are not dishwasher safe
  • It takes usually more time than the conventional meat grinders, reported by users.

The Waring Po MG855 Meat Grinder allows you to grind all types of meat at your home. This multi-purpose grinder is suitable for people who are fond of preparing a variety of dishes for their loved ones. With this grinder, you can grind all types of meats and even vegetables.

This grinder lets you prepare a variety of non-veg dishes with meat and other vegetables as per your needs. The quality of this machine is very solid as it is made from die-cast metal materials. It looks pretty attractive and has got everything to suit your basic demands. The stainless-steel brushed body is durable enough to last for a lifetime.

This is an Electric-powered heavy-duty meat grinder machine which is designed to offer you long-lasting performance without any issues. Using this machine is simple as it comes with three control buttons, on, off and reverse.

You don’t need to be an expert to use this machine, if you find the machine is stopped in between the grinding process, you can press the reverse button to start the process again. This will remove the choke-up from the plates.

Moreover, this Grinding machine comes with all the useful accessories and tools that let you use it effectively for grinding meats and vegetables. It comes with two sausage attachments, cutting plates and other useful tools to use the grinding machine like a pro.

It is powered by 350 watts of motor that makes it a heavy-duty meat grinder. What’s interesting here is it comes with an extra-large die-cast metal hopper. This hopper holds a large amount of meat, you don’t have to fill in the hopper again and again. It grinds up a large amount of meat with one go. It grinds all types of meat super faster which saves a lot of time.

The parts of these machines can be detached easily. The parts or we can say accessories are not dishwasher safe. You have to manually wash them with your hands.

The package of this Meat Grinder includes all the useful accessories and tools. You will also be provided with a user manual to get started with the machine and to understand its features and functions. A booklet with numerous recipes is also included in the box.

Moreover, this Meat Grinder machine is backed by the company’s 5-Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty. You can get it repaired or replaced under the warranty period offered by the manufacturer.

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4. Weston 08-0801-W Pro Series Electric Meat Grinders- 550 watts


  • One of the strongest heavy-duty Meat Grinders on the market
  • Outstanding grinding capacity
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Can grind meats and vegetables both
  • Powerful self-cooled and lubricated motor
  • Requires no Maintenace
  • Designed to last for years
  • Offers consistent grinding performance
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.


  • The Grinder is a little heavier compared to other machines as it is made from stainless-steel
  • The pricing of this grinder is not affordable as it is a heavy-duty Meat Grinder which can be used for commercial use as well.

If you are searching for a heavy-duty meat grinder machine that last for years, then Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinder is the perfect option available for you on the market. What makes this Grinder best-seller in the market is its solid quality.

This 22 Electric Meat Grinder is made from high-grade stainless steel and metal materials. The gear of this grinder is also made from Stainless steel offering tough build quality. It’s a completely durable and sturdy grinder which also looks pretty impressive from outside.

With its powerful 750 Watts of motor, this grinder can grind almost anything that comes down to the grinding tube. It works smoothly and grinds all types of meats and vegetables quickly. The motor is self-cooling and well lubricated that last for years without any maintenance.

Moreover, this machine comes with all the accessories that are required to prepare different types of meat dishes at your home. This high-duty grinding machine is being used by many commercial businesses who sell non-veg foods. It offers consistent grinding performance without any issues with its functionality and operations.

It comes with an extra-large hopper that holds a larger amount of meat pieces to grind through it. If we talk about the grinding capacity of this grinder, then it can grind up to 9 to 12 pounds of meat in a minute. Yes, you can grind meat for an entire month in less than 30 minutes using this grinding machine.

This grinder stands on the top of the list of the best heavy-duty meat grinders as it is the only grinder that offers such a great grinding capacity. It uses a cutting knife to cut through the meat pieces easily.

To make the grinder more stable during the grinding process, the feet of this grinder is covered with a rubber material. It keeps the machine stick to the floor so it doesn’t slip away. For effective use, the grinder features a sturdy handle. You can use this handle to hold the grinder during the grinding process. It makes it more comfortable and user-friendly.

This Meat Grinder machine is backed by the company’s 2-Years Limited Warranty on the motor and its parts. You will get all the accessories along with a user manual and a warranty card in the package.

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5. Chef’sChoice 799 Professional Meat Grinder Attachment


  • All-metal construction, sturdy and durable grinding machine
  • This attachment is very light and portable
  • This product is engineered in Germany, no compromise with its quality and performance
  • Offers super smooth meat grinding experience
  • Comes with a large hopper tray
  • The package includes all the useful accessories and plates
  • 2 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Some parts of this Grinder are made from plastic materials.

    You have to cut the meat into small pieces or strips before grinding or putting it into the hopper for smooth grinding without choking or jamming.

Chef’sChoice 799 Professional Meat Grinder is an innovative grinder that is designed to work with your normal kitchen aid stand mixers. This attachment comes with a lightweight and compact design making it easy to use. It works effectively and grinds meats as per your needs.

This innovative grinder comes with all the useful accessories and tools which includes a meat pusher, three grinding plates and more. If we talk about the grinder plates, then you can make use of these plates to prepare a variety of meat dishes. You can use a fine plate, medium plate and coarse plate as per your needs on this machine.

What makes this grinder unique is you can easily detach all the grinder’s parts and can wash them with your hands after the grinding process. You don’t need to use any type of special tools to detach this grinder.

This Grinder is made from high-grade stainless steel and aluminium materials which ensures great durability of the machine. This machine requires no maintenance, all it needs is proper washing of its parts after the grinding of meats or any other vegetables.

You can use this grinding machine to prepare a variety of dishes such as sausages, corned beef, freshly ground meat etc. All you need to do is just change the grinding plate and start the process. It works smoothly and grinds meat of all types evenly. It gives you professional-grade results at your home.

Moreover, it comes with a metallic food hopper of a good size. It can hold a large amount of meat for grinding on the machine. The product is engineered in Germany so there will be no issues with its performance and quality. It is designed to last for years and offers consistent grinding performance.

This grinding attachment is very light in weight. It weighs just 1.85 lbs which makes it easy to use. It’s a portable one and can be stored anywhere you want. It doesn’t occupy unnecessary space in your kitchen.

The food pusher is made from plastic material to make it lighter and easy-to-use. It features a small gripper to easily carry it anywhere you go. The entire construction of this machine is all-metal.

Additionally, this Meat Grinder Attachment is backed by the company’s 2 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty. Yes, you can avail the warranty on the parts within the warranty period if they start facing any kind of issues.

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These are the market’s best and most affordable meat grinders. We have picked the products from the world’s most trusted brands in the above list. The list includes all types of Meat Grinders of different ranges. You can pick the one which suits your demand after going through their detailed reviews.

If you are a new user and haven’t heard or used the Meat Grinding machine in your life, then you must know a few things before finalizing on a particular product from the market. If you are still confused and can’t decide which type of meat grinder is suitable for you, then here we have prepared a detailed buying guide for you.

The following Meat Grinder Buying Guide is prepared for the beginners or new users who are completely unaware of the machine and its functionality and operations. Let’s get on to the buying guide of the Meat Grinder Machine now!

Benefits of Grinding Meat on your Own

No matter whether you are a professional cook or just a housewife, cooking food on your own gives you immense pleasure. There are many people who always come up with one common question and I.e. why I should grind meat, instead, I could buy it from the market?

Well, there are many reasons behind grinding meat on your own. It comes with a lot of benefits which are enlisted below.

  1. Healthy

When you buy packaged ground meats from the market, it is not healthy and fresh. Instead, when you grind meat on your own, you can cook and serve freshly ground meat which is way healthier than the packaged ones.

Apart from this, you actually don’t know where your meat comes. You don’t know how it is prepared and what kind of technique used to grind it. If you are concerned about your health, then you should start grinding meat on your own.

  1. Improved Flavor

Apart from eating fresh meat, you can also notice improvements in the flavor while cooking it. Since you are grinding fresh meat, all the neutrinos will reside in it which will give you an extra delicious flavor.

On the other hand, packaged meat is flavorless and you will not have any kind of taste from it even if you add a lot of spices to the recipe.

  1. Extra cooking pleasure

There are people who have a hobby of cooking foods for their loved ones. Grinding meat with a Meat Grinder is stress relieving process. It gives you more pleasure than cooking.

  1. Always ready

Meat Grinder comes with an easy-to-use interface. If you keep the non-grinded meat in your refrigerator, you can simply grind it which will take less than 10 minutes.

These are the basic benefits you will get from grinding meat on your own. If you are a foodie person, then you may not want to compromise with the taste of your food dishes. And grinding meat on your own will give you the required taste.

Types of Meat Grinders 

Basically, Meat Grinders are categorized into three different categories, Electric Meat Grinder, Manual Meat Grinder and Attachment Grinders. Let’s collect some useful information about these grinders.

  1. Electric Meat Grinders

Electric Meat Grinders are highly recommended grinders on the market. In fact, most users do like to go with an Electric Meat Grinder instead of choosing any other type of it.

Electric Grinder relies on Electric power supply. It doesn’t require any manual force or power to use it. All you have to do is just plug it into the power source and that’s all. It comes with control switches to quickly stop and start the grinding process.


  • Grind all types of meat super faster
  • Good at quickly grinding
  • Consistent grinding performance
  • Stress-free operations
  • Uses different grinding plates for different dishes


  • Expensive than manual meat grinders
  • Requires regular maintenance and care
  1. Manual Meat Grinders

Manual Meat Grinders are not dead yet. There are many home users who prefer Manual Grinders over Electric machines. If you have a small family and hardly prepare non-veg dishes, then a manual meat grinder is sufficient for you.

You can prepare a variety of meat dishes using this manual grinder. The only drawback here is it takes some time for grinding as you are manually grinding the meat.


  • Affordable for everyone
  • Portable design requires no electric power, can be used anywhere
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean


  • Grinding process requires extra time with the manual process
  • Not suitable for big families
  1. Attachment Grinders

If you own a KitchenAid or Stand Mixer, then you can buy an attachment grinder from the market. You can easily find a compatible attachment grinder which can fit well on your stand mixer.

When you find a compatible Attachment Grinder, you will save a lot of money and space as well. Attachment Grinder is very compact and requires very less space in your kitchen. Let’s see the pros and cons of it.


  • Very compact in size and requires no space in your kitchen
  • Can be stored anywhere
  • Fits well with your Kitchen Mixer
  • Comes with consistency settings
  • Can be used with different grinding plates
  • Suitable for small families
  • Affordable pricing


  • Can’t produce a large amount of meat at a time as it comes with a small hopper.
  • These are the types of Meat Grinders available on the market. Depending upon your basic requirements, you can pick the suitable type from the above list.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available on the market for each type and you can explore all the types from eCommerce websites and the company’s official websites as well. So many meat grinders websites are available online with all the useful information including their specifications and pricing.

What you should know before buying a Meat Grinder? 

Since there are different types of Meat Grinders available on the market, selecting a suitable machine is a bit challenging task especially if you are a new user. To narrow down the selection process, here we have listed down everything that you need to check before purchasing the meat grinder from the market.

The following list is important to consider as it includes all the information that you may need to know in a meat grinder machine. Let’s get on to the list now!

  1. Know your requirements first

The first thing you need to know is your basic requirements from the machine. Ask some questions to yourself and you will get the right answers that will allow you to choose the perfect machine from the market.

Also, you need to know whether you will be using it regularly or not. If you have limited usage, then you should go with the manual meat grinder. If you have a large family and you cook non-veg food every now and then, then you should go with the Electric Meat Grinder Machine.

  1. Build Quality

The Build quality of the machine should be checked first as it decides the actual life of the meat grinder machine. If you pick a poor-quality machine, then it will not be able to deliver a good grinding experience. For that, you have to check the build quality of the machine that you are going to buy.

The parts of the machine should be made from high-grade metal or stainless-steel materials. That will ensure its durable and long-lasting life.

  1. Capacity

The capacity of the meat grinder is the second most notable thing and you should consider it as well. The capacity is the size of the hopper and power of the machine. The capacity of the meat grinder is measured with the pounds of meat that the machine can grind in a minute.

  1. Power of Motor

If you are going with the Electric Meat Grinder, then you need to know the power of the motor as well. With suitable motor power, you can have a consistent grinding performance from the machine.

If you go with a less powerful motor, then you will experience many types of issues while grinding. Go with the machine which uses higher wattage motor. The higher wattage motor delivers exceptional grinding performance.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

The grinding process looks easy and familiar; however, you should also check how easy the cleaning task of the machine is! Yes, it is important for you to know the cleaning process of the machine before you buy.

The parts should be detachable ones and they can be cleaned easily. If you pick a complex design of the meat grinder, then you will face troubles while cleaning them. Always go with the machine which comes with straightforward functions and design.

  1. Attachments

Since the competition is very high, manufacturers offer different types of attachments or we can say accessories on the meat grinder machines. You should also check for such extra useful attachments that come with the package of the meat grinder.

If we talk about the attachments, meat grinders come with extra grinding plates, cutting knife and many other useful tools to help you with grinding different types of meats and vegetables at ease.

  1. Warranty

Some manufacturers offer limited manufacturer warranty on their products. It is important for you to check the Warranty period of the machine as well. It will ensure that the product is backed by the warranty and you can get it repaired or replaced for free within the warranty period.

Final Words: 

All of the above-listed Meat Grinders are currently the best-selling ones in the market. We have picked them from the most trusted brands and after going through the reviews and feedback left by the users of these machines.

For beginners, we have prepared a detailed buying guide. What you need to do here is go through the buying guide first to gain knowledge about the different types of Meat Grinders available on the market. After that, follow the reviews of them and pick the one which suits your needs.

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