CucinaPro Belgian Waffle Iron Review

We basically bought the CucinaPro Belgian Waffle Iron due to its size and cooking capacity. The waffle maker reviews we found had a mix of pro and con. I think that’s a good thing though; at least I already know what drawbacks I might encounter along the way.

Who is It Suited For?

I have tried several Belgian waffle recipes using this waffle maker and they all came out crisp and tasty. If you have a pressing need to make lots of great tasting waffles in the morning then the CucinaPro unit 1452 will be a big help. It makes four huge waffles at a time; which means you can make more waffles whenever you need it.

Reasons Why I Love this Waffle Maker

  • REALLY THICK WAFFLES: One of the biggest things I really like about this Belgian waffle iron is the fact that it makes really fat and thick waffles. They’re prefect for filling big appetites. Here’s a tip when you use it: don’t wait for the batter to spread. We usually just pour it in the middle and just let the batter spread on its own. That’s not going to work since the recess in this thing is deep. Pour your batter all over to spread everything evenly.
  • NO MORE BURNED WAFFLES: The CucinaPro Belgian waffle maker doesn’t only give you a warning light when your waffles are done. It also beeps like crazy. It will keep beeping until you unplug the unit or take away the cooked waffles and put in some new batter. It may be annoying sometimes but it has helped me avoid burnt waffles.
  • BUILT TO LAST: I can tell that my CucinaPro Belgian waffle iron is well-built. For starters it is a bit heavy for a waffle maker. It’s also tough and durable – I’ve owned mine for more than two years now and it still cooks great tasting waffles. It’s worth every dollar I spent on it.

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The dimensions of this waffle iron are as follows: 9.8” x 13” x 4”. It can make four 4.5” waffles at a time. The weight of the unit itself is 8 pounds. This item is designed to be stored upright to conserve space.

  • This waffle maker is specially designed to cook waffles for an entire family. The waffles come out thick and large.
  • Users can try different waffle maker recipes. You can also fine tune the output using the controls for browning, temperature, and crispiness.
  • CucinaPro’s Belgian waffle maker brings back the classic square shaped waffle design.


I still think that this is one of the best Belgian waffle iron models for its price. However, I do have a couple of small complaints. First off, it started to make a bit of noise after a year of use. It doesn’t bother me a lot since it isn’t really that loud. And it hasn’t broken down after two straight years of regular use.

Another downside I would like to mention is that the instructions aren’t any good. However, the controls on the unit are very easy to figure out so I didn’t really need the manual after all. In spite of these minor flaws, I still think the CucinaPro Belgian Waffle Iron gives you good value for your money.

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