Breville BSM600SIL – The Smoking Gun Review 2022


  • Lightweight and compact-sized device
  • Innovative design with a stunning metal finish
  • Small combustion chamber with a bottom-grille for collecting ashes
  • Silicone hose pipe for carrying smoke produced by the unit
  • Easy to use design with a control button


  • It’s a small device which needs a little care while using.

Where should I buy? 

Breville The Smoking Gun is available on Amazon. You can click the given link and you will be taken to an official Amazon’s page of this product from where you can get additional information about the device. You can also see the feedbacks left by other users on the page for your satisfaction.

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Breville BSM600SIL : Full Review

If you are a foodie person and searching for a device to add smoky effects on meat and other non-veg items, then The Smoking Gun is what you need to purchase from the market. Breville BSM600SIL is one of the best-selling Smoking Guns available to suit your basic cooking needs. The time-consuming smoking effects will be done quickly through this Smoking Gun which is this small device is crucial for the meat lovers.

When you cook meat or any other vegetables on woodchips or coals, it will enhance the taste of the food. For the very same reason, people love to prepare delicious food on Coals with the help of Cooking Grills. Smoking Meat or vegetables require a lot of time in preparing and cooking. When you use the Smoking Gun, the same process will be done in a few minutes only.

People who are searching for a quick way to add smoke-flavour on their food should try out this Breville’s Smoking Gun. Here, we have personally reviewed this Smoking Gun to give you the right information about the gun and how you can use it. You will be taken to the list of its features which makes it the most popular Smoking Gun in the market.

Breville The Smoking Gun BSM600SIL Buyers Guide

Breville’s Smoking Gun is an innovative cooking device designed for people who love to eat smoked-foods. This gun is a battery-powered device that works with a small number of woodchips for producing natural smoke. It is connected with a pipe to carry natural smoke and infuse its flavour to your food quickly unlike traditional grills or any other cooking methods.

It’s a high-tech and beautiful device which can be the perfect addition to your cooking tools. You can carry it anywhere you go and it will perform really good for you. It is designed with the safety of the user in mind and you can use it worry-free without the need for any external tools or supply.

How does the Breville’s Smoking Gun work? 

What makes this Breville’s Smoking Gun unique is its operations. The gun is very easy to use and it doesn’t ask for any special skills to operate. As per your convenience, you can use this gun after or before cooking on your food items.

To get started with this Smoking Gun, all you need to do is first take a bowl and place your food inside the bowl to infuse it with natural smoke using the Smoking gun. Make sure you cover it with a plastic wrap. While wrapping the bowl or container with a plastic wrap, you need to insert the end of the hose inside the bowl as well. Make sure it is leakage proof.

The Smoking Gun comes with a little hole on the top where you need to add a small number of apple woodchips to light up. Before turning on the Gun, you need to add little woodchips into the hole. Now, turn on the Gun by pressing the button and activate the blower. The Chips light up automatically with

When you turn on the fan to blow the smoke through the hose, it will take up to 3 minutes to fill the container and infuse smoke to the food. Since the machine has limited space, it is not capable enough to handle the extra amount of smoke generated by the system. Some smoke might come out from the machine which is a normal thing and you need not go panic about it.

We recommend you to use this Smoking Gun in a ventilated area if you don’t like to spend your time with smokes. You can even use this gun in your backyard while chilling with your loved ones. Since it doesn’t require any special power source, you can take it anywhere and use it.

Breville’s Smoking Gun Features: 

The Smoking Gun has a number of parts and accessories attached to it. However, you need not to assemble the gun and its parts. You just need to pull out the gun from the package and start using it by going through the instructions given in the user manual.

The Smoking Gun comes with Industrial Standard Four Batteries to power up the motor. These batteries are there to power the motor so the generate smoke can flow through the hose easily.

There is a separate combustion pan attached to the device which is made from a high-grade metal material. The pan features a small grille at the bottom-side for carrying woodchips. It holds the ashes generated by woodchips are getting burnt out.

Design-wise, the gun looks very adorable and has a stunning metal finish design. The injection pipe attached to this Gun is like a traditional rubber pipe for infusing smoke to the food items. It is made from silicone material so it will last for months without any issue with its quality. The pipe’s walls are thin making it easier for the users to bend it the way you want.

It’s a light-weight device with 473 grams weight. The device features a large rubber base platform to place it anywhere you want on a flat surface. This lightweight device can be the best companion for travellers who love to eat smoky foods.

Moving on to its functionality, the device features a Switch for controlling the operations. There are three positions of the switch available, off, low and high. As per your needs, you can select a suitable position from the device and can start using it for preparing smoky-foods.

For the beginners, the package includes two small jars of woodchips, you don’t need to search for woodchips initially. One jar contains woodchips of hickory while the other is of Applewood. It requires just a pinch of woodchips and that’s all. A pinch of woodchips produces a lot of smoke.

Aside from this, the package also includes a booklet with nine different recipes which you can try out initially through it. Proper instructions for using the device and additional information about its parts and functions are also given in the user manual.


Being the market’s best-selling and top-rated Smoking Gun, the Breville’s Smoking Gun offers great performance. The Gun is easy to use, easy to light and produces enough amount of smoke to prepare delicious smoky-foods quickly.

The size of this device is very compact and it has a rubber base for easy use on the flat surface. You can even hold the device while producing smoke through it, it is 100% safe. With a simple lighter you can light up the woodchips and the device will start emitting smoke through the connected hose. It will take a couple of minutes, so you need to be a little patient.

Once done, you can easily remove ashes from the grille and can wash it with normal water. Make sure you take a little care while washing the grille after you finish cooking.

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