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When it comes to the Nespresso Citiz D111, elegance and quality reign supreme. This is an extremely well built and beautifully designed espresso machine that makes the process of making the perfect drink that much easier. It has a unique compact design and is equipped with powerful mechanisms that allow it to craft great espresso pretty much effortlessly. It works both with coffee grounds as well as capsules by the Nespresso company.

Even better is that It heats up really fast, and even has power saving modes for the ultimate energy efficiency. You can get one of these models in a variety of colors (red, chrome, black) and it’s priced very low for an espresso machine of this caliber! Compared to Keurig and Jura, you’ll find this works just as well (and better in some cases). It makes great espresso and lungo beverages and with a little bit of creativity; you can make regular coffee too!

Nespresso Citiz D111 Review – Features

Build Quality – By all means the Nespresso Citiz D111 is most definitely not a cheaply made appliance. It’s built with pure quality, and it’s a combination of both plastic and metals. The chrome finish on this model is really nice and the added plastic helps keep this lightweight and easy to move around. It’s honestly quite similar to the Pixie models, but a little more slim and less bulky. On the backside you’ll find the water reservoir, and the cup holder is built on the front panel. The reservoir is 34 ounces which holds plenty of drinks without having to constantly refill. Since it’s a cup holder that can pivot you’ll actually have the ability to brew both small cups and large tall cups of espresso as you adjust it to your liking. The Nespresso Citiz D111 has a very stable base to help support everything. This machine weighs about 10 pounds, so not too much heavier than your basic coffee maker.

Ease of Use – Operating this espresso machine is really easy. It’s an automatic espresso maker with 19 pump bar pressure, so all the hard stuff is done for you. It’s programmable too all the way down to how much coffee you want poured, what time it starts to brew, and even customized drink selections. You can use either refillable coffee pods or grind your own beans for the Nespresso Citiz D111. Once you’ve added in your water and grinds , all there’s left to do is power it on and watch it do the rest. It makes very hot drinks just the way you need them for great tasting espresso. While it doesn’t come with a milk frother you can easily pick one up on the side to spice up your drinks even more.

All about Pods – Another unique little feature is that it has capsule storage so you won’t have to constantly refill it. It holds 10 of them at a time! The great thing about the Nespresso pods is that they are fairly inexpensive at about $0.60 – $1.00 as compared to most other brands at $2.00. Buying replacements won’t hurt the wallet, and this unit comes with 16 pods just to get you started!

Speed – The last thing you need is a slow espresso machine. That’s why we were very impressed with just how fast the Nespresso Citiz D111 really is. It has one of the shortest preheat times on the market at just 25 seconds.

Energy Saver – Sometimes when you’re using coffee machines, you can easily waste a lot of power by never unplugging it. The good thing however is that technology is improving, and more of these machines are starting to add automatic power off features. The Nespresso Citiz D111 of course has this and will shut off after 9 minutes of inactivity. So, if you’re on the go early in the mornings and forget to shut the machine off; it’ll do it for you!

Consistency – Whichever way you get your coffee made whether it’s the store or at home, you’re only looking for one thing: consistency! The Nespresso Citiz D111 really changes the way you can enjoy a great cup of espresso as it pumps just the right amount of pressure the right way each and every time. Since it’s automatic it won’t let you down either, and a rich and bold flavor is always present in each drink. It’s never too much and just right. That also means you wont’ have random coffee grains floating at the bottom of your drink either; something annoying you see in low quality espresso machines. And, if you want to increase your shots then it’s easily scaled to your liking.

Final Thoughts

At first glance you can tell that the Nespresso Citiz D111 is a high grade machine. It’s not loud, it works fast and it makes great espresso that you otherwise would have to run to your local coffee shop to get. The best part is that it’s extremely affordable and is definitely comparable to some of the overpriced $3000 machines you see floating around the shops. If you’re looking to get your first espresso machine, or something you can rely on then you can’t go wrong with this model.

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