Top 5 Best Quesadilla Makers to Buy in 2022 | Reviews

Quesadilla is a popular Mexican dish prepared with cheese and many other ingredients. It’s a versatile Mexican recipe which can be prepared with different ingredients. With each ingredient, the taste and look of the dish will be changed which is why it is known as the best Mexican dish for everyone.

It’s a circular shaped dish just like pizza which requires some prior cooking skills. Making a perfect quesadilla can be a little challenging for the newbies, but with the reliable Quesadilla Maker, you can easily prepare the perfect sized quesadilla for your loved ones.

When you pick the best quesadilla maker, the quesadilla making task will become super easier even if you haven’t tried out it before. You can add plenty of ingredients to change the taste of the dish as per your needs.

Gone are the days when you have to go to the Mexican restaurant to fulfil your desire of having the perfectly made quesadilla. You can now prepare the same recipe in your home by using the Quesadilla Maker. Try out various cooking methods with different ingredients to have the best of taste to suit your needs.

Here, we have prepared a detailed guide to help you pick the best quesadilla maker from the market. For new buyers, we have also prepared a buyer’s guide with all the essential information about their working functionality and how you can try out various combinations on it. Let’s collect some useful information about this machine first.

What is the Quesadilla Maker? 

A Quesadilla Maker is a machine which is designed to make different types of quesadilla at home. It’s a versatile machine which can also be used for other recipes. You can use this machine to warm up the pizza slices or to cook bread etc.

Basically, it’s a circular shaped machine with a lid with top and bottom cooking plates. The cooking plates are made from non-stick materials and they are very easy to clean. It’s a fully electric machine which needs electric power to heat up the cooking plates and that’s how you can start making quesadilla of your choice.

5 Best Quesadilla Makers of 2020

There are so many different types of Quesadilla Makers available in the market from world-class brands. The working functionality, the shape, the required power from machine to machine are different. For new users, it’s quite a challenging task to find the perfect Quesadilla Maker from the market.

To give you the best options, here we have picked the market’s affordable quesadilla makers and reviewed them. Read these quesadilla makers reviews online to pick the suitable option now!

1. Black & Decker Quesadilla Maker  Review

Black & Decker is a trusted name in the power tools industry. The company also manufactures a variety of kitchen appliances for the new generation of consumers. Black & Decker’s Quesadilla Maker for those who are searching for an easy-to-use machine. With the super-easy operation, this is the best quesadilla maker for all types of consumers in the market.

If we talk about the build quality, the quesadilla maker is made from high-grade plastic and metal materials. It will last for years where you will not have any issues with its build quality ever in the future.

The machine features a standard 8-inch of cooking plates for the perfect quesadilla. The plates are not having enough space to prepare thick quesadilla, you can have crispy and thin quesadilla with this machine in no time. It takes only a few minutes and you will have delicious quesadilla pieces on your table.

The cooking plates of this machine are coated with non-stick materials. You can easily clean up the cooking plates with a normal cloth. Feel free to use cheese, butter and other ingredients as you will not have to worry about the storage of greasing. You need to clean it up thoroughly after finishing your cooking task to avoid the development of grease.

There is a reason why we have picked up this model and placed it on the top of the list. The first and obvious reason is its easy operations. Even kids can start using this machine as it requires no prior skills to operate and use its features. With easy controls, you can prepare the perfect quesadilla in less than 5 minutes.

The machine features power and heat indicating lights on the front. You will be guided throughout the process and with just one use of the machine, you will become a master chef of the quesadilla.

The design of this machine is quite unique where you can store it vertically on the countertop which occupies very little space. The cord can be retracted easily for a hassle-free operation. The bottom side of the machine features slip-resisting grips for secure use.

Moreover, for easy cleaning of the machine, the drip tray can be removed easily. You can also remove other parts of the machine for quick cleaning.


  • Easy-to-use machine with no prior skills required
  • Warms up quickly
  • Built-in indicator lights
  • A unique vertical storing design
  • Removable drip tray for quick cleaning.


  • Ideal for making thin quesadilla only
  • The life of the non-stick coating on the cooking plates are limited.
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2. George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker Review

George Forman is a popular brand in the kitchen appliances industry. The brand is known for providing quality products with long lasting life. If you are searching for a versatile quesadilla maker, then the Electric Quesadilla Maker from George Foreman is the perfect option for you.

Unlike the other models, this Quesadilla Maker is ideal for preparing a variety of quesadilla and other recipes. It gives you better results in less time as it takes only a few seconds of time to heat up and gives you the best of cooking experience. You can make 10-inch quesadilla using this machine.

The build quality is quite good and the machine itself looks stunning in a shiny red color body. The device warms up quickly and gets you quick quesadilla in just a few minutes of time. It’s an ideal choice for medium sized family.

The cooking plates of this machine are made from non-stick materials. After every use of the machine, you just need to wipe it the cooking surfaces with a normal cotton cloth and that’s what it needed. You don’t need to worry about the cleaning procedure as it takes only a few seconds of time.

Unlike the standard 8-inch models, the 10-inch models feature 6 deep-dish pockets. The deep-dish pockets provide enough space for the ingredients to store and cook. The same pockets help users to cut down the pieces smoothly. You can even serve the pieces directly from the machine to the dishes.

The outer ridge seals up the cooking plates precisely. You just need to press and seal up the lid and that’s how you can easily start making your very first quesadilla.

It requires no prior cooking skills; anyone can easily use this machine as it comes with simple and easy-to-use controls. You can make perfectly backed delicious and crispy quesadilla using this machine every time you use it. The machine doesn’t come with a power button, you just need to insert the main cord to the power supply and that’s all.

The unique design stands vertically, allows you to store it on the countertop. You don’t need to worry about the tangling of cord as you can easily wrap it around and can store it the way you want in just a small space.


  • Lightweight and convenient design
  • 10-Inch cooking plates
  • Vertical storage design requires no space
  • Comes with a cord wrap feature for hassle-free operation
  • Deep dish design with 6 pockets.


  • Lacks indicators
  • The outer body gets warmer.
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3. Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker Review

Hamilton Beach is everyone’s favorite brand when it comes to buying a new and latest kitchen appliance. If you are planning to buy a multi-purpose quesadilla maker, then Hamilton Beach’s 25409 Quesadilla Maker is the perfect option for you. This machine can give you perfectly cooked quesadilla in less than five minutes.

It uses a powerful 900 watts of power for quick heating. The machine warms up in less than 30 seconds and you and starts making multiple quesadillas using this machine. The cooking plates can accommodate tortillas of up to 8 inches which is the standard size.

The standard build quality of the machine looks pretty adorable. It occupies very little space on the countertop. It features a hinge to hold the bottom and upper plates which makes it more convenient to use. The non-stick surface on the cooking plates makes it easier for the users to clean it up with a normal cotton cloth by wiping them.

With this quesadilla maker, you can prepare thin and crispy quesadilla quickly. It is recommended for the users to add the required ingredients only to get the perfectly cooked quesadilla. If you like to have the thick quesadilla, then this machine is not an ideal option for you. The cooking plates have limited space and there’s no extra space to make thick-sized quesadillas.

Apart from making a quesadilla, you can also use this machine for warming up bread or making bread sandwich, or cooking up pizzas etc. There are a number of other recipes which you can prepare with this versatile and compact-sized machine.

Just like every other quesadilla maker, there are no prior skills required to use this machine. It’s a fully electric quesadilla maker, you just need to plug-in the main power cord to the power supply and that’s how you can start cooking different types of quesadillas on this machine.

Furthermore, it also features a Red indicator light on the top side. You will also receive a booklet of recipes which you can prepare for this machine.


  • Lightweight and convenient design
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Standard size
  • Offers quick cooking
  • Built-in indicator lights


  • The cord needs to be retracted manually.
  • Doesn’t come with vertical storage option.
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4. Nostalgia EQM200 6-Wedge Electric Quesadilla Maker Review

The Nostalgia EQM200 is a simple and easy-to-use quesadilla maker machine in the market. This professional-grade quesadilla maker machine is an ideal choice for those who need a quick snack in less time. It can give you the perfectly cooked quesadilla in less than five minutes. It’s a great choice for a medium-sized family.

What makes this quesadilla maker a popular choice in the market is it is very reliable and comfortable for everyone. You don’t need to be a cooking expert to use this machine. Just add ingredients and start the power switch, get the quesadilla ready in five minutes, that’s how simple it is!

The build quality of this machine is quite user-friendly and serves simple functions. The non-stick cooking plates feature scoring guides to cut down the pieces of quesadilla in equal sizes. It features six sections, once the quesadilla is ready, you can easily serve the pieces right from the machine itself.

The cooking plates can accommodate the quesadilla of up to 10 inches which is one more feature to consider here for a medium-sized family. You can finish serving your entire family with one go. It’s very light in weight and portable enough to transport it.

The design of the latch is also very user-friendly and seals up the cooking plates properly so that the ingredients won’t spill over or come out. Overall, the machine is very easy to handle and you can quickly release the latch to serve the pieces of a quesadilla.

Moreover, the machine also features on/ off lights and heat indicating lights on the top side. It’s an electric quesadilla maker which comes with a simple cord. Your duty is to plug in the cord and that’s how you can easily start making quesadilla for your loved ones.

Additionally, it also features a removable drip tray to prevent the machine from storing messes. You can easily remove this drip play to clean up the greases and oils produced during the cooking. The unique design lets you store it vertically after you finish your cooking task. It occupies very less space in your kitchen.


  • Standard 8-inch quesadilla maker
  • Built-in scoring guides
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Perfectly sealed latch
  • Integrated indicator lights
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Stores vertically


  • Cooking performance of this quesadilla maker is not as good as reported by some users.
  • Some users are also complaining about the cheap build quality of the machine.
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5. Brentwood TS-120 Quesadilla Maker Review 2020

If have a limited budget to spend on a new quesadilla maker and searching for a budget-friendly model, then Brentwood’s TS-120 Quesadilla Maker is just the right option for you. This Quesadilla Maker is a compact-sized multi-purpose machine which is designed for the beginners and economy buyers only.

The build quality of this machine is quite good where it comes with dual cooking plates and a stunning red color body. Using this machine is very simple where you just need to plug-in the power cord to the power supply and that’s all. The cooking plates are coated with non-stick materials, making it easier for the users to clean the plates after finishing the quesadilla making task.

It’s a powerful 900 watts quesadilla maker which gives you ultimate cooking experience. Apart from making a quesadilla, you can use this machine to warm up the bread and slices of pizzas. You can also prepare a variety of other recipes using this standard machine.

With this machine, you can make a perfectly cooked thin and crispy quesadilla. The heating capacity is quite good allowing users to make quesadilla in less than five minutes of time. The hinge is there to hold the upper and lower plates of the machine. The locking latch lets you easily seal up the cooking plates during the cooking time.

To keep the messes away from the main cooking surface, the machine features a removable drip tray. You can easily remove the drip tray to clean up the machine thoroughly after cooking.

For easy cutting of the recipe, the machine or we can say the cooking plates feature six-unique pockets. You can simply cut down the slices and can serve them to your loved ones.

To make it more convenient for the new users, there is a specialized temperature control feature also included. You can control the temperature of the machine as per your needs using this option. Additionally, Red and Green indicator lights are also included on the top side of the machine.


  • Easy-to-use and very convenient machine
  • Uses 900 watts of power
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Non-stick coated cooking plates
  • Vertical storage design
  • The built-in temperature control feature
  • Integrated with red and green indicator lights.


  • The latch doesn’t seal properly, creates excessive mess around.
  • A little hard to clean as it takes some extra time to clean up the outer rings and other parts.
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Quesadilla Maker Buyer’s Guide

With so many brands and hundreds of models in the market, it is impossible for the new buyers to pick the suitable model as they don’t know anything about the machines and their functionality. They also don’t know about the brand value in today’s competitive market.

For new buyers, here we have prepared a detailed buying guide with all the information that you might want to know about. Everything is included in this buyer’s guide to make the perfect selection. Let’s get on to the buying guide now!

Things to Consider While Buying a Quesadilla Maker

No matter what type of skills you have, you might not want to buy a product which is complex to use. Everyone wants to buy a machine which serves a user-friendly interface and is easy-to-use. To help you buy the right model, here we have enlisted a few things which should be considered by every new buyer before they can finalize on a particular model.

Size and Capacity

The first thing you need to consider while buying a quesadilla maker machine is its size or we can say the capacity. There are different types of models with different capacity and sizes available in the market. It is essential for you to pick the model with the perfect size and capacity as per your needs.

To do so, you need to know about the requirements of your first. Depending on the member of your family, you can get the right model from the market. A standard 8-inch model is a perfect option for medium-sized families of up to 4 persons. However, you can also go with the 10-inch size and even larger models if you have a big family.

Build Quality

Make sure to check the build quality or we can say the materials used to construct it. Just like every other kitchen appliance, the build quality of the quesadilla maker should be durable so that it can last for years. High-grade metal and plastic-made options are quite popular as they are durable and sturdy enough to handle the heat and frequent usage.

Ease of Use

Most Quesadilla Makers come with the same functionality; however, the ease of use is different from machine to machine and brand to brand. The machine you pick must be serving an easy-to-use functionality with no manual efforts required. You can easily start using it and can make the perfect quesadillas for your loved ones.

Always check the overall functionality of the machine before you buy one from the market. You can go through the reviews and feedback of the real users of the machine to understand it better. Don’t panic while buying a new machine.

Heating Capacity

A quesadilla maker must generate enough heat so that you can make quesadilla and other recipes easily. Check out the heat distribution in the machine which will give you an idea of how effective the machine is! If the heat distribution is not good, then you will not get perfectly cooked quesadilla. You will get a different taste from each piece.

What we request you here is to check the distribution of heat in the new machine so that you can get the best and perfectly cooked quesadilla every time you use it.


Generally, the weight of the quesadilla maker should not be considered as you are not going to use it here and there. You can easily pull out the machine and place it on the countertop to start using it. However, if you want to use it in different locations or want to carry it wherever you go, then you should also check the weight of the machine.

The quesadilla makers are light in weight and compact in size. You can pick the lightest model from 2 lbs to 8 lbs from the market. Depending on the materials and size, the weight of the quesadilla machine can be different from each other.

Deep Dish

The deep dish or we can say the depth of the dish is yet another factor which you must consider especially if you want to have a thick quesadilla. It decides the thickness of the quesadilla. In case if you like to have the thick quesadilla, always go with the model that comes with a deep-dish design.

Apart from making a thick quesadilla, it also makes sure that the ingredients don’t spill over. It keeps the countertop clean and the quesadilla making procedure hassle-free. You can prepare perfectly cooked quesadilla of your choice without messing around with the deep dish design.

Clean up

Most quesadilla makers come with non-stick coated cooking plates. Some models also come with a removable drip tray to clean up grease and other messes produced while cooking. Nobody wants to spend hours of time just for cleaning the machine after finish cooking.

When you go with the non-stick coated plates, you can easily clean it up using the normal cloth just by wiping it. Make sure you check the availability of non-stick plates and removable drip tray so that you can clean it up in a matter of seconds.

Extra Features

Quesadilla Maker is a very basic and easy-to-use kitchen appliance which comes with limited features and functionality. If we talk about the extra features, different brands offer indicator lights of power and warm up. The indicator lights indicate you when the machine heats up properly or when it is power on.

Apart from the indicator lights, some models also come with an easy cord retracting feature to retract the power cord hassle-free. You might also want to check out the storage space for the cord in the machine itself.

Additionally, some models come with a unique design allowing users to store it vertically on the countertop. The vertical design occupies very little space on the countertop which makes it even more convenient.


Pricing of the quesadilla maker machine should also be considered if you are searching for a budget-friendly model. If you have a good budget to spend, then you should not be worried about the budget-friendly models. Always pick the premium-grade model which also backs by the warranty from the manufacturers.

However, those of you who have a limited budget can go with the hundreds of budget-friendly models available in the market. The above list also included a couple of budget-friendly models which are top rated ones by the users. Explore the list well and pick the model which suits your budget and your basic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Should I Consider the Size of the Quesadilla Maker?

Apparently, no! Most home-based quesadilla makers come with the standard size I.e. 8-inches. However, some brands also offer 10-inches models which are also good for big families. We would recommend you to go with the standard design as it gives you the best of cooking experience with less hassle.

Question 2: How much time does it take to make a perfectly cooked quesadilla?

It depends upon the type of machine you have. Ideally, it takes up to five minutes to get the perfectly cooked quesadilla from the standard quesadilla maker. You should check the power consumption of the machine to know about the cooking time required.

Question 3: Can I get a Cordless Machine?

As far as we know about the current market, there is no cordless quesadilla maker machine available in the market. It is better for you to go with the standard electric machine which gives you the best of cooking experience. You can quickly finish your job and also makes everyone happy around.

Question 4: How safe the quesadilla maker is?

Quesadilla Makers are compact in size and light in weight. They are very portable and comes with a user-friendly interface with no mess. It’s an Electric machine which runs through electric power. The machine is fully protective and you don’t need to worry about your safety. A safety handle is there to open and close the latch. The only thing you need to take care about is to keep it away from the watery surface.

Question 5: What’s drip tray in the Quesadilla Maker?

The drip tray is an important part of the quesadilla maker as it collects excessive ingredients, grease, oil and all the other messes produced while cooking. It makes the cleaning of the machine super easy. Some models come with a removable drip tray, you can remove the tray and can clean it up thoroughly to expand the life of the machine.


Preparing Quesadilla for the first time is not an easy task, however, with the perfect quesadilla maker machine, you can easily make perfectly cooked and well-shaped quesadilla. It’s a versatile machine with which you can prepare a variety of other recipes as well.

The quesadilla makers are user-friendly and comes under a budget price tag. To get the best machine from the market, we would like you to go through the buying guide first. Get all the useful information about the quesadilla makers, their functionality and what things you need to consider while buying it.

Once you are done with the buying guide, go through the detailed reviews of the market’s top rated quesadilla makers, and pick the most suitable model for you now!

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