VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker [Review 2022]

I was able to make perfect waffles for the first time with this VillaWare Belgian Flip Waffle Maker. I was so happy the first time I made perfect waffles that I literally jumped for joy. This waffle maker helped make waffles that aren’t burnt or stuck on the surface.

I know that this is a great waffle maker that really works. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a waffle maker that does the job really well.

Why I Recommend this Flip Waffle Maker

  • GREAT FEATURES: This VillaWare waffle maker has really good features. A few minutes after I plug it in, there is this loud beeping sound to lets me know that it is already heated up to the right temperature. It has a dial at the front that I use to set the cooking time for my waffles. The waffle maker will beep once again to let me know that my waffle is done and ready to eat.
  • GREAT WAFFLE QUALITY: This Belgian waffle maker really makes wonderful waffles. it is very consistent in making great tasting crispy Belgian waffles. I am proud of my waffles because they are always perfectly cooked. Oh, how grateful I really am that I have this VillaWare waffle maker in my life.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning this VillaWare flip waffle maker is a breeze. I just wipe the non-stick surface with a moist soft cloth to take out the crumbs, if any. It also has a drip tray that catches any spills and drippings.

I seldom have drippings cook waffles, but it’s still great to have a drip tray in case you need it. A quick wash with soap and water makes it clean instantly. I just wipe the exterior part of the waffle maker to remove the dripping and spillovers, if any.


  • This VillaWare Belgian waffle maker has a pulsing light at the center of the knob that tells you that it’s ready for cooking. A beeping tone will be heard indicating that your waffles are done.
  • This waffle maker has a gravity flip to ensure that you will get thick and fluffy Belgian waffles all the time.
  • This VillaWare waffle iron has an adjustable temperature setting and a browning control knob that you can set to your desired specifications.
  • The plates of this Belgian flip waffle maker are non-stick that you can easily clean by just wiping the surface. The drip tray of the unit will catch the spillage and dripping from the cooking plates.


  • This VillaWare waffle maker is a great kitchen tool to have in any kitchen. I am very happy that I have it at home and I really enjoy cooking my waffles in it. The only shortcoming of this waffle maker is its short cord length. It is not long enough to be plugged into the wall socket so I have to use an extension cord. Other than that, this VillaWare Waffle Maker is an excellent waffle maker.

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