Rachael Ray 87597 Review 2022

Rachael Ray is known for her fabulous cooking show. But now she’s brought an awesome set of pots and pans into the mix. The Rachael Ray 87597 skillet does an incredible job cooking and is quite frankly one of the most enjoyable cooking experiences you can have. Its’ got great size too and is a a good option for big family meals as well as personal ones. We think you’ll be very impressed with it and we’ve rated it as such.

Rachael Ray 87597 Skillet – Features

The best part of the Rachael Ray 87597 skillet is that it is Hard-Anodized. That type of material ensures that you’ll get a nonstick experience throughout no matter what you cook. That can be anything form greasy foods, and things that commonly stick like eggs and meats. It’s a great skillet for cooking vegetables too and it doesn’t leave any odd flavors on your meals. There won’t be any random hot spots in the material so you won’t have to worry about uneven cooking that might accidentally burn up your foods.The material is very easy to wash too, and you can even toss it in the dishwasher without harming it. It’s pretty much scratch resistant and an easy dish to take care of.

Other Specs

The Rachael Ray 87597 skillet comes in at great size with 14 inches of pure cooking room. That’s large enough for huge meals like soups and Chinese cuisine for a whole room full. A handy helper handle is installed on this skillet too so that you can easily toss your foods without spilling it all over the kitchen too! The skillet is oven safe so you can easily toss it in for baking or keeping warm without harming the material. It’s a beautiful looking skillet and comes in a nice clear coat finish. The hands have orange accents while the pot has a dark gray color.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Rachael Ray then you can easily put your trust in this skillet. The Rachael Ray 87597 skillet is one of the best individual pieces of cookware you can find on the market. Whether you’re cooking for lunch, breakfast, brunch or dinner you’ll be able to get the results that the pros get each time. If you’re looking for a great skillet you should check this one out.

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