Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker Reviews ( 2022)

The VillaWare V5555-01 6-Inch Mickey Waffle maker is a cute, fun and functional waffler. We got this unit for our youngest son’s birthday party and we have been using it ever since. My three kids just love eating Mickey’s head in the morning. Seeing their appetite gives me the energy to make more waffles. That moment in the morning when pure happiness flashes on their faces is truly priceless. I think it’s kind of cute as they nibble the ears, cheeks and the entire head.

What we like

  • This VillaWare waffle maker can make a single Mickey Mouse-shaped waffle that is six inches in diameter.
  • The classic chrome housing of this VillaWare waffle iron makes the unit look elegant. Another thing is that it has a commemorative etching on its exterior making it a good-looking ornament in the kitchen while not in use.
  • This VillaWare waffler has an automatic thermostat setting. A red indicator light is really visible so as to let you know when the unit is ready for baking and when the waffle is ready for eating.
  • This waffle iron has cool touch handles for safety purposes. It also has a Xylan no-stick coating on its plates.

What we don’t like

This waffle maker from VillaWare is a real novelty piece to have in your kitchen. My kids love it; I love it and my husband as well.

The Mickey waffles are always done perfectly and they are so cute and fun to look at on the plates especially when Mickey’s face is decorated with syrup before eating.

The only complaint that I can think of about VillaWare V5555-01 is that the waffles have a smooth surface; they don’t have any grooves.

I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference anyway.

However, it doesn’t really matter compared to the happiness that VillaWare V5555-01 6-Inch Mickey Wafflemaker brings to my kids in the morning.

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Why I love this Mickey Waffle Maker

  • CUTE WAFFLES: My kids are not the only ones who are hooked with this Mickey Mouse waffle. My husband and I also love it. This Mickey waffler not only cooks perfectly done waffles but cute and fun ones, too. The kids just love to pour syrup on Mickey’s ears and make a beard and a mustache on his face before nibbling the waffles.
  • INDICATOR LIGHTS: There is no guesswork with VillaWare V5555-01 Mickey waffle maker because of its red light indicator. Once the red light is on, I pour the batter inside. I will know that the waffle is done when the red light turns on again. That’s what I call simplicity and convenience and I love it.
  • EASY CLEANUP AND STORAGE: I like this Mickey waffle iron because cleaning it up after cooking is never an issue. I just wipe the plates with a moist cloth or paper towel when they have cooled down. And storage is never a problem because I can position it vertically to fit in the cupboard. However, I choose to leave the waffle maker on the countertop because it’s a beautiful thing to look at.

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