Kinetic 12031 Pot Rack – Detailed Review

Are you not happy with your kitchen setting? When you enter the kitchen, do you as well feel the clutter? When you take a glance at your kitchen, do you feel that you need something to organize the kitchen? If Yes, then worry no more. There are certain products in the market which will surely help you organize your kitchen.

There is a saying for the kitchen and it goes like, “One, who maintains cleanliness keeps the diseases away”, thus one should always try to keep their kitchen clean and well organized.

Once you make the habit of cleaning the kitchen area, there would soon be an urge to organize the kitchen. That’s where Kinetic Pot and pan rack would come handy and make your organizing process easy.

 These ultra-stylish Kinetic Pot rack could be easily found in the stores as well as online. In order to find the pot online try to search under the caption of Kinetic Pot rack online. For better and easily trackable methods, try to search with the caption of Kinetic 12031 Pot Rack and you will be good to go.

Kinetic 12031 Pot Rack Review

Kinetic Pot Rack, Oval, Black

As such with the name itself, you can figure out this particular product is a wall rack that is used to hang or store utensils on the wall and make some extra free area on the surface.

After being said that, let us discuss, the 12031 pot rack. The Kinetic Pot rack is a classical oval wrought iron ceiling mount pot rack which has the capability of holding almost around 40 lbs.

The dimensions of the rack are 33x17x1.5 inches, apart from this it includes four ceiling hooks. Followed by four 22 inch length of chain, four S-hooks, and almost twelve pot hooks for the better and convenient installation of the rack with the ceiling joists.

This Kinetic Pot and pan rack is constructed with the wrought iron, making it more durable and attractive. Apart from this, the rack has a heavy gauge of a removable center grid that holds the additional hooks in the place.

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Kinetic Pot Rack Key features:

  • Oval ceiling mount pot rack provides an added style and charm to any given kitchen and makes it more organized as well as makes a beautiful clean looking area
    To provide more durability and attraction to the rack, Wrought iron is used for the construction
  • The rack measurements are 33x17x1.5 inches, length of each hook are 3.25 inches and the clearance from the ceiling is about 22inches
  • The center of the rack is ejectable thus, additional hooks are provided.
  • The package holds, 4 ceiling hooks,4 chains which are about 22 inches long, 4 S-hooks and last but not the least 12 pot hooks
  • The rack is also backed and protected with the 25-year limited warranty, making is a pocket-friendly product 


  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Storage capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to install


  • Hanging chains not long enough


In a nutshell, the Kinetic pot rack is one of the neatest and elegant products to organize your kitchen and provide a sense of unique touch to it. No matter what the kinetic black pot rack reviews says, one should definitely buy this product and make your kitchen more organized and elegant looking.
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