Igloo ICE102 Portable Ice Maker Review 2022

Buying cold hard ice is one thing; but did you know you could make your own with the Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker? It’s a really simple tool to use and it on top of that it looks great in the kitchen too.

This ice maker has a compact design and it’s lightweight so that you can pull it out and use it whenever you need fresh ice crystals.

It takes just a few minutes to get the results you want, and it has easy to use controls that make it one of the more innovative units on the market. So forget about running out to the convenience store and take a look at the Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker below!

Igloo ICE102 Portable Ice Maker – Features

Design – At first glance it might shock you how compact the Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker really is. It weighs in at under 20 pounds and it’s narrow enough to sit on counters as well as on the table.

This model is made with beautiful red plastic; although you may certainly grab in other colors (white is quite popular). On the top you’ll find the compartments for making and grabbing your ice crystals once their finished.

The lid opens up and you’ll be able to access everything you need in the 2.3 quart compartment. Inside there is a nice scoop so you can shovel out ice fast. Next to that are a few important controls you’ll need in order to do that. Now, they area all electronic and LED based so pressing them is quick and easy.

Compact Ice Maker, Red These settings allow you to choose which size ice you want; small or large. In addition to that you can also decide when to add water, refill and even power the appliance on or off.

How does it work? – This might seem like a silly question, but one many have. You indeed do need to add your own water to make the Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker work. It’ll probably work best if you use water that’s already chilled (so rule out plastic bottles that aren’t cooled if you can). Room temperature works fine, but if you’re aiming to make bigger cubes then cool is the route to go.

Speed – Since this isn’t the convenience store and the ice isn’t already bagged, some might be concerned with waiting forever to get their ice made and ready to use. That’s simply not going to be an issue when using the Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker. It can make a full batch of ice in just 6 minutes! This appliance is actually made powerful enough to produce as much as 26 pounds of ice per day for those who really need it.

Storage – While this makes ice, it’s possible to also store ice from other items too. It can hold up to 1.5 pounds of ice at any given time. If you’re on a camping trip or on the go then this is a nice option so you don’t waste ice.

Efficiency – The Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker features a compressor cooling system without running up your energy bill. It’s highly energy efficient and it doesn’t make much noise at all while it’s operating.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an economic option to making ice then this is a great direction to go. The Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker doesn’t cost much and it’s something you can use over and over again. We highly recommend it!

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