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If you are searching for an all-in-one convection microwave to cook delicious recipes for your loved ones, then Cuisinart’s CMW-200 is the best option available for you in the market. Cuisinart is known as one of the best brands in the kitchen appliance industry with a range of different types of products for everyone. Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave Oven Review will help you to know everything about this popular Microwave Oven.

About Cuisinart CMW-200 

Cuisinart CMW-200 is a convection microwave oven known for its versatility. It is also known as the best all-in-one oven in the market because of its ability to prepare all types of recipes with it. It’s a perfect option for those who love to try out different cooking recipes.

It’s a fully automatic microwave pack with a number of advanced features. Starting from heating food to baking, grilling and cooking, you can use all the cooking features of this machine easily. It also features multiple cooking stages which can be changed automatically with its built-in functionality.

Cuisinart CMW-200: Specifications and Features

The Cuisinart CMW-200 is there to make cooking much easier. You can bake, grill or cook a range of recipes on this convection microwave. With little information about its programs and features, you can get the best of cooking experience with Cuisinart Microwave Oven. You can read out Cuisinart CMW-200 Reviews Online for more information about how you can use its features and functions.

Here, we have enlisted the list of its specifications and features so that you can easily get to know about this Microwave Oven. Let’s get on the details now!

Great Build Quality

The Cuisinart CMW-200 Microwave Oven is made from high-grade metal materials. It boasts durable construction to last for years. It uses a brushed stainless-steel body which looks extra-stylish.

Moreover, the Oven features dark tinted glass on the main window. The dark glass is transparent. The storage capacity of the chamber is 1.2 cubic foot which is also made from high-grade stainless steel.

The chamber is easy-to-clean and can be sanitized easily. You can clean it up using a normal cloth just by wiping it. It uses 100-watts of power to give you the best of cooking, baking and grilling performance. The CMW-200 looks stunning from inside and outside and matches well with your kitchen.

Different Cooking Functions

The best part about Cuisinart CMW-200 is its different cooking functions. Unlike the traditional microwave ovens, the CMW-200 features an unlimited number of cooking features. It’s a great option for professional cooks who can prepare almost all types of recipes on this single machine.

The Cuisinart CMW-200 features eight unique cooking functions. You can select from Microwave, Convection, Convection roast, Convection fast bake, grill/ combo, Defrost, Memory and Keep Warm. All these cooking functions are there for you to operate and use as per your requirements. You can also customize these cooking functions by using the settings option.

User-friendly Control Panel

What makes this Convection Microwave Oven a unique choice for beginners is it comes with a number of preset buttons. The control panel of this microwave is easy-to-use and packs with all the functions which you can operate and use as per your needs.

You can use the preset functions for popcorn, potato, beverage, frozen vegetables, cake, pizza, roast chicken, fresh vegetables, reheat etc. All these preset functions are there with ready-to-use buttons. You just need to press the preset button to start the cooking or baking process.

The control panel is located on the right side of the Microwave. It uses physical buttons which is easy-to-use and also lasts longer.

Defrost Functions

Unlike the standard microwaves, the Cuisinart CMW-200 Microwave Oven comes with two defrosting functions. This feature allows you to defrost the frozen vegetables and meat. It is highly used by the non-vegetarian consumers who keep meat items frozen inside the refrigerator. You just need to place the frozen meat inside the chamber and turn on the defrosting mode. Soon, the frozen meat and veggies will be ready to cook. The taste and flavor of the food will remain the same.

Built-in Timer

If we talk about the modern or premium-end microwaves, they come with an automatic timer feature. The automatic timer adjusts the running time of the microwave as per the type of food and the recipe you cook. You don’t have to worry about setting up the cooking time etc.

The Cuisinart CMW-200 features an automatic timer as well as the manual mode to adjust and set the timer as per your requirements. You can easily set the timer from the built-in dialer. Once the timer ends, you will hear an alert tone from the microwave. This feature prevents your food dish from overcooking and also save you from accidents due to overheating.


The Cuisinart CMW-200 is a portable microwave. No matter whether you have a large kitchen or a small kitchen, you can store it anywhere you want with its small size. You need to keep some space for easy airflow. Proper airflow is required to keep the machine run smoothly.

Microwave Oven should be kept in an open place instead of fixing it in the cabinet. The base of the microwave features four anti-slip legs. The small sized legs keep the microwave stick to the platform.


The Cuisinart CMW-200 is made from BPA-Free materials. It is durable enough to last for years and you will never have any issues with its build quality. This Microwave Oven is backed by the company’s 3 Year Standard warranty.

You can get the best of services from the company for free for three years within its warranty period. A useful user-manual is also included along with the recipe booklet to cook delicious recipes on your own.

Why Cuisinart CMW 200?

With so many different types of Microwave Ovens in the market, it is almost impossible for the newbies to get the perfect model from the market. If you ask us why Cuisinart CMW 200 is the best Microwave Oven, then here we have listed down its advantages.

The Cuisinart CMW 200 Microwave Oven comes with Baking, Grilling and Roasting features. You can bake, grill and roast as per your needs and can try out various recipes with different requirements. Let’s see how these features help you out.

Convection Baking

If you are a meat lover and love to cook different types of non-veg dishes for your loved ones in your home, then the convection baking feature is there for you. This feature gives you the best of crispness to improve the taste. It is also the quickest cooking feature in the microwave oven which cooks meat and other ingredients faster.

The baking feature circulates warm air throughout the chamber. The baking option is limited to dishes and you can’t use this mode for all the recipes. You have to switch the cooking mode to different suitable mode to get the recipe right.

Baking mode involves different parts of the microwave. By enabling this feature, you may hear louder noise from the machine. If not required, you should not use this feature as it can disturb the environment by making unwanted noise.


Roasting is yet another popular feature or cooking mode which is available on the Cuisinart CMW 200 Microwave Oven. The roasting feature is used by the professional chefs who prepare a variety of recipes. Non-veg dishes requires roasting feature to make the meat crispy.

The oven circulates warm air throughout the chamber. You can reduce the cooking time or can adjust the temperature of the cooking chamber to match with your recipe. The roasting feature can be enabled from the Control Panel itself.

This is a unique feature which should be enabled for special recipes only. A roasting feature usually takes longer time than the convection cooking. While turning on this mode, you need to keep an eye inside the chamber as it requires constant monitoring.

Grilling Mode

Grilling is yet another popular cooking mode for non-veg dishes. However, you can also use the same mode for different types of veg dishes. There are people who love to have grilled dishes in their dinner. By enabling this mode, you can easily grill up the corns, paneer and other ingredients.

Special tools are given inside the box to use while grilling food items. You can use the grills or grilling stick to cook different vegetables and meat items. Grilling mode requires extra cooking time and you have to be patient enough to get the delicious grilled food.

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Cuisinart CMW 200: Pros and Cons


  • Super stylish and compact design
  • Durable stainless-steel interior with brushed stainless-steel body
  • User-friendly Control Panel for a seamless cooking
  • Comes with 9 built-in preset functions
  • Packs with 8 different cooking methods
  • Baking, Roasting and Grilling Modes
  • Cooks food faster by providing hot air throughout the chamber
  • Ideal for defrosting frozen foods
  • Backs by 3 years of warranty
  • Great customer care service.


  • The oven makes unnecessary noise while turning on the baking mode
  • The machine gets hotter, requires separate space in your kitchen
  • Compared to the latest models, this microwave’s control panel looks older.

smileFrequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is it really a portable unit?

Apparently, Yes. The Cuisinart Microwave CM-200 is a portable unit as it is very compact in design. Of course, it’s a little heavier which can be compromised especially if you have a small kitchen with less space. The dimensions of this Microwave are 20.5 Inch*14.5 Inch* 12 Inch.

Question 2: What are the different cooking modes available in this unit?

It comes with a total of 8 different cooking modes with specialized preset programs to cook a variety of dishes. You can use Baking, Roasting and Grilling Modes for the kind of dish you want.

Question 3: Is the rack inside the chamber removable?

Yes, the rack inside the chamber is removable and you can wash it with running tap water.

Question 4: How convenient the machine is?

The Cuisinart CMW-200 offers an easy-to-use control with touchpad control. It also features an LCD screen to see the timer and current cooking mode. You can change different cooking modes and can make use of different functions from the given button control.

Question 5: How much time does it require to preheat?

Usually, this convection microwave oven takes up to 20 minutes of time for preheating. However, you can reduce the preheat time by selecting the different cooking mode from the control panel.

Final Thoughts:

The Cuisinart CMW-200 is the best Microwave Oven for all types of consumers. It’s a wonderful kitchen appliance which occupies very less space and enables you to prepare a variety of delicious recipes for your loved ones. It’s an all-in-one versatile oven which is there for professional users as well as beginners.

You can make use of its latest features to preheat the leftovers, to bake delicious cakes and bakery items or to prepare delicious grilled dishes using the built-in grill mode. It is a convenient machine which is very easy-to-clean and use.

Where to buy the Cuisinart CMW 200 Microwave Oven?

There are many places from where you can buy the Cuisinart CMW 200 Microwave Oven. If you love purchasing products online, then you can get it from Amazon with the best of discounts and additional warranty from the supplier.

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