Chef’s Choice Krumkake Maker Review

The Chef’s Choice Express Nonstick Krumkake Maker is a really huge improvement in the way we make our good old Krumkake. We used to make them using the old fashion stove type iron. It was messy and it was very hard to use. But the cookies came out smelling and tasting really good. When we got the 839-SE, we immediately tried the same old KrumKake recipes we used to make and they came out great minus the mess.


  • KrumKake maker features a non-stick cooking surface. This model is outfitted with a special lid.
  • KrumKake cookie maker only need two minutes to bake a six inch cookie. Also comes with a temperature recovery feature which ensures continuous baking from one batch to the next.
  • Product dimensions for the 839-SE as follows: 12” x 12” x 4.5”. Total package weight with all the accessories in the box is only four pounds. It is covered by a limited one year warranty.
  • Chef’s Choice also features a built in cord storage, comes with a cone form, plus recipes.


There is only one drawback I can mention about this waffle cookie maker. If you put too much batter and some of it goes into the drip channel, then you should expect that part wouldn’t get cooked. You should be careful to pour the right amount of batter. Other than that, the Chef’s Choice KrumKake Express is a really great product for the price.

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Who is It Suited For?

If you love waffle cookie recipes but don’t like to deal with inconvenience of stove top cooking, then the model 839-SE is a pretty good option. It makes baking these cookies more convenient. It’s also a lot easier to clean. It’s not that expensive; which is another thing I like about it.

Why I Love Chef’s Choice

  • COMPACT AND EASY TO STORE DESIGN: The KrumKake SE model works pretty much like the original model-839. I really appreciate the cord storage feature. You can keep the cord at the bottom. It also features a compact design. You can keep it hidden away since it stands upright; doesn’t occupy a lot of space. It’s really a huge leap compared to the traditional stove KrumKake iron that we used to have.
  • VERY EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN: I have tried different KrumKake recipes and they were all easy to make. It’s just that 839-SE is so easy to use you only need to worry about making the batter. The unit is outfitted with built in light indicators that tell you when the cookies are done. Even my kids have made their own krumkakes using this thing and they didn’t have trouble with it. It’s that easy to use. It’s also very easy to clean, so clean up shouldn’t be an issue.
  • MAKES GREAT COOKIES CONSISTENTLY: I really love to try different Norwegian KrumKake recipes. I have noticed that no matter what recipe I try, they all come out nice and even. I’m just happy that the 839-SE makes great tasting cookies consistently.

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