Chefmate Coffee Maker – Reviewed by Kitchen Experts

If you’re looking for a great drip coffee option, then the Chefmate coffee maker is an excellent choice. It’s built with simplicity in mind and it’s stylish design makes it a great addition to any kitchen. It functions extremely well and makes enough cups to around for you, friends and family. On top of that, it’s really easy to use it and just takes the simple press of a button to get it going. While this appliance is listed for $19.99 in most places, you can find it much cheaper if you were to shop for it at Amazon. Currently it’s going for only $15 and in some listings much less!

Chefmate Coffee Maker – Features

Chefmate 12 Cup Coffeemaker in Whit

Ease of Use – It only takes a few steps to get started making drinks with this awesome drip machine. Really, this machine works just like any other drip machine, but on a more efficient level in our opinion. Simply load it up with as much water as you think you’ll need into the water reservoir. Next, just add your favorite coffee grounds to the filter. This can be pods too but we think grounds give the best results. If you’ve got a grinder then you can easily chop up some fresh beans for this. All that’s left is to press the power button and watch the Chefmate coffee maker go to work! The “On-off” switch is located at the front of the base and has a power indicator light so you always know when it’s up and running. As far as speed is concerned, this works quite fast making a great quality cup of coffee without making much noise if any! It takes about 3-5 minutes to fill up the entire carafe which is excellent!

Brew Basket – What’s neat about the Chefmate coffee maker is  the big brew basket. You won’t find these in all machines so we’re glad this had one. It holds a nice amount of grounds too, and that will help ensure you get the most flavor out of them and into your drink. It’s a flip top design so it’s easy to remove and fill. The basket can easily be cleaned this way. In any case it works very well with paper filters but should also perform just as well if you decide on using pods.

Big Water Reservoir – If there’s one thing you need in an appliance like this, it’s a water reservoir that can hold enough without having to constantly be refilled. It holds up to 12 cups which is in fact the size of a full carafe for this machine. If you’re someone who’s big on measuring how much water you put in vs. coffee then you’ll be glad to know that the reservoir has a level indicator window so that you can easily see just how much you’re adding in. This feature is crucial to getting the perfect tasting cup!

12 Cup Carafe – While the Chefmate coffee maker is compact on size, it’s got a nice sized carafe. It’s designed to hold up to 12 cups of drinks; so an excellent choice for those with big families or a crowd of friends. Even more is that if you want to enjoy seconds and thirds then you can easily do that without having to constantly brew new carafes full of coffee. This saves you on water as well as grounds too! The other nice thing about this carafe is how well it’s made. The material is glass, but it has a sturdy handle and lid so that it’s easy to grip and move around.

Keep it hot and don’t spill! – Since the carafe is big you might not want to drink all of that at once. That’s why the keep warm function on this model really essential and a nice addition. This way you can enjoy drinks only when you’re ready! On top of that is a nice pause and serve feature for those who like to sneak in a quick cup; especially when you’re on the go. The Chefmate coffee maker will stop brewing briefly as you pour your cup and then resume once you’ve placed the carafe back onto the warming tray.

Final Thoughts

For $15, you’re not going to find much that works better and more efficient than the Chefmate coffee maker. This model comes in a white finish an is quite popular among coffee lovers all over. And it doesn’t just stop there! This is drip machine can also make other drink varieties like teas and even hot cocoa if you get creative. The keep warm and sneak a cup features are also very nice to have and it’s durability makes this something you can use for years to come!

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