Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven: Should You Buy This ?

In this competitive market, there are numerous choices available in front of us when it comes to buying something. If we talk about kitchen appliances, there are a huge number of different types of kitchen appliances available from different manufacturers. If you are searching for a reliable Smart Oven for your Kitchen, then Breville BOV650XL is the best option available for you.

There are many things important for you when you are buying a new Oven and you must consider all of them to get yourself the best one from the market. Thankfully, we have many resources to gain the required information about a particular product. Here, we have prepared a detailed Breville BOV605XL Review for you. This is the best-selling model from the brand is receiving positive feedback from the users.

After spending hours, we have prepared this review. The review includes everything that you may want to know about this model. We have also provided the list of its Pros and Cons so that you can easily decide whether to buy it or not.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the main review part of the Breville’s Compact Size Smart Oven, Breville BOV650XL.

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  • Compact in size, doesn’t occupy unnecessary space on the Countertop
  • Easy Controls for managing the temperature
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter
  • It has three rack positions
  • Designed with the latest Element IQ Technology
  • Supports a wide range of accessories
  • Built-in cooking modes for easy selection.


  • Lacks a convection system
  • Doesn’t come with an auto-eject rack system
  • Lacks interior light inside the cooking chamber.

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Breville BOV650XL: Specifications

Just like every other product, you should also check out the list of specifications of a particular product. Being the latest edition in the market, the Breville’s BOV650XL Oven is designed to give you the best of cooking experience. Here we have enlisted some of the Key Specifications of this Smart Oven, take a look!

  • The dimension of this Oven is 17-inch x 15-inch x 10 inch
  • It features three-position rack trays
  • Simple and easy-to-use controls to manage the temperature
  • Built-in cooking mode
  • Adjustable heating condition
  • Extra 10-Inches by 10-Inches broil rack is included
  • Features a Backlit LED screen with indication lights

These are the Key Specification or we can say useful features available on this new generation compact-sized Oven I.e. Breville BOV650XL.

The Breville BOX650XL Smart Oven Review

To know anything about a particular product, the first thing you need to see is the list of its features. This part of the product description will give you a clear idea about the actual functionality of that product. To know about the Breville BOV650XL Smart Oven, here we have included all the smart features which are included in it.

Being the latest model on the market, this Smart Oven is packed with a huge number of interesting and useful features. You will be convinced to buy it after going through the list of its features which are enlisted below. Let’s check them out now!

Breville BOV650XL Smart Oven: Key Features

  1. Compact in Size

Kitchen is the place where you have to put all types of kitchen appliances including the refrigerator. Everyone has limited space in their kitchen and for that reason, they are always looking for a compact designed. Well, this Smart Oven is very well designed and has a compact size to fit anywhere in your kitchen.

Moreover, it doesn’t occupy any extra space in your kitchen, you can place it anywhere you want without any trouble. Of course, bigger ovens are more powerful than compact models but you should not buy an overpriced oven as there are limited usages of it in our daily lives.

When you buy a bigger model, you need to have a bigger countertop to place it. It occupies a lot of space which you might not want. The BOV650XL is packed with all the advanced features of a bigger and advanced oven. You will not have to limit yourself as all the controls are also given there.

It is compact from outside but not inside. You can prepare almost all types of dishes and your favourite recipes on this advanced and smart oven.

  1. SmartElement IQ

Being the latest edition, this Compact-sized Oven comes with two different types of heating systems, normal heat and smart heat. This technology helps you to cook your food faster than the traditional ovens.

This SmartElecment IQ function automatically adjusts power. You don’t need to worry about the heat control of the oven as it adjusts itself as per the type of food you have put inside the oven.

It transfers heat to four quartz of the machine which cooks delicious and flavour-rich food dishes. This technology provides a suitable temperature and cooks all types of food evenly. This is a versatile oven as it lets you cook all types of food dishes. You can prepare a variety of recipes on this oven for your loved ones.

As a result, you will be able to prepare a variety of food dishes every time you use this machine.

  1. Built-in Cooking Functions

For beginners, this Smart Oven is like the best companion as it features presets or we can say cooking modes. This model has a total of 8 different types of cooking modes. You can select a suitable mode from the given options and can prepare the kind of dish you want.

If we talk about the built-in cooking functions on this model, it comes with Roast, Toast, Bake, Reheat, Cookies, Pizza, Broil, Bagel. It has a special rotating button to adjust the cooking preset. Just rotate the button and select the mode.

  1. Easy-Read LCD

This model is designed for the new generation users and hence it is packed with many smartphone features. It features an advanced Back-Lit LCD screen. This LCD screen shows you the right temperature and remaining time.

You can adjust the temperature and cooking time manually as well. Everything will be displayed on this LCD screen. There are two lights available on this screen, Orange and Blue. When you start the machine, Orange light will turn up and when the cycle is finished, the light will turn to blue.

It makes it easier for the users to take full control of the machine. It is also very helpful for beginners who don’t know how to use the different functions of the machine.

  1. Enough room inside

Being compact, this oven has enough space to prepare all types of dishes and snacks for a family of up to 3 people. In the cooking chamber, you can bake 12-Inch Pizza, 4-Slice Toaster, 6 Cups of Muffins etc. If you like to prepare the bakery foods, then this machine will offer you the best of functions.

Apart from this, if you love to have non-veg foods, then you can use this oven to roast chickens and other types of meat easily. It cooks them perfectly and adds more taste to it. It’s a multi-purpose oven which opens up the world of cooking opportunities for you.

If you know how to cook different types of dishes and recipes, then you can unleash your cooking skills on this machine.

  1. Non-stick Coating

The Walls inside the oven is coated with non-stick materials. This coating keeps the machine clean even if you use it daily. It doesn’t get dirty, and you can easily clean it up using a normal cotton cloth.

Non-stick coating saves a lot of time as you don’t have to spend extra hours just to clean the Oven, just use a simple cloth and wipe off the machine from inside. It’s more convenient than any other type.

  1. Easy Handle

If we talk about convenience, this machine features an elegant design. The construction of this model is very sturdy as it is made from durable materials. It is equipped with an easy-to-use handle to open and close the cooking chamber. You can simply pull out the door and the machine will be opened. The door is a transparent one, you can keep an eye on the dish which you are preparing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it suitable for a family of 4?

No. This compact-sized Oven is designed for a family of 2 with its small cooking chamber. However, you can prepare snacks and other items for a family of 4 with its three racks position.

  1. Is it a convection Oven?

No, it is not! It is not a Convection Oven and for that reason, many buyers prefer not to buy this. However, it features an advanced Element IQ Technology which does the same thing and offers the best of cooking experience.

  1. Does the tray come out automatically?

No. You have to manually pull out the tray once you are done with the cooking process.

  1. Can I change the Cooking modes manually?

Of course, why not? There are eight different cooking modes available on this Oven with different selection option. You just need to rotate the button and take the arrow to the desired mode and start the process. It is very easy for us!

  1. Is there any automatic feature?

Well, most of the features and functions of this Oven are manual. You can easily take full control of the machine using the manual controls. When it gets overheated, the machine will go on a Standby mode itself. This will prevent your food from burning and avoid accidents as well.

Final Words: 

Breville is one of the most trusted brands and has a range of different types of Ovens and other kitchen appliances to help you with cooking. You can expect better and long-lasting performance from the BOV650XL edition.

Compared with different models from the market, this model is quite well in terms of features and specifications and of course, the price tag. If you are searching for a compact-sized oven, then this one is the best option for you.

Where to buy?

There are many online platforms and offline stores available to buy this Oven. If you wish to buy it online, then you can get it from Amazon with a discounted price tag. You can also read more information about the product from the official listing of the product on Amazon.

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