Black and Decker CM5000B Review 2022

Most coffee makers these days don’t have all the features you want in them. Sometimes they have some of the things, sometimes they don’t have any of them. However when we checked out the new Black and Decker cm5000b, we saw a coffee maker that delivers in all the important areas to it’s user. It’s got quick touch features, programming options, and it’s super easy to clean. Best of all it’s one of the more affordable options out there and a great complement for the kitchen.

Black and Decker cm5000b – Features

When you think of coffee makers you think of features. The Black and Decker cm5000b delivers all the important ones and a few extra goodies to keep it unique. It’s an extremely fast brewer. You can have a hot full cup in just under 2 minutes. The carafe itself is high quality and it’s quite large too. It can easily hold up to 12 cups of drink. That’s enough for an entire household! It’s super easy to program the Black and Decker cm5000b. You can control everything from brew strength to setting up different timers and much more. On it you’ll find minute and hour settings and even a handy alarm clock feature.There’s even an auto brew setting that makes a cup for you when you preset it. The coffee that this appliance makes tastes great too and that’s partly because of the bronze tone filter. This eliminates some of the papery taste you get from buying filters.

Other Features

One really awesome feature that you will find on the Black and Decker cm5000b is the grinder. There are simply not that many coffee makers on the market that have this. Just pop in your whole beans into the compartment and easily grind them into a perfect cup of Joe in just minutes. This eliminates the hassle of buying a separate grinder to do the job and adds even more convenience to the whole process. This is not a messy coffee maker at all, and it’s very easy to clean it up. Most of the parts are removable and yes they are dishwasher safe which is a major plus. You can even sneak in a quick cup of coffee in the middle of brewing without risking dripping and spills.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Black and Decker cm5000b is a great option for the kitchen. It’s not too tall, and it’s a lightweight machine so moving it around and storing it is very easy. The stainless steel finish works really well cosmetically and can really transform your kitchen. This is one of the better coffee makers you’re going to find and it delivers extremely well. Best of all it’s super affordable and worth a serious look if you’re ready to get a decent coffee maker!

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