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If you are a big coffee lover and want to have the same coffee as Starbucks every morning at your home, then there’s a tool called Milk Frother. If you haven’t heard of this tool yet, let us introduce to you this hassle-free tool which is designed for the coffee lovers and those who love to have different types of milk recipes.

A milk frother converts milk into a creamy texture which you can add to your coffee or can use it to prepare a variety of recipes. You are very well known about the price tags of Starbucks and other coffee outlets. They are very pricey and also considered as a place for rich people.

Well, you cannot prepare the same Starbucks-like coffee in your home by using a milk frother tool. Thankfully, we have numerous types of Milk Frothers available in the market from various brands. You can easily get the suitable milk frother to suit your needs and to fulfil your lust of having the best latte at your home prepared by the one and only, you.

Top Rated Milk Frothers in 2020 Reviews

We have tested several models of the market and prepared a list of the Best Milk Frother of 2020. If you have a question “What’s the Best Milk Frother of 2020”, then your answer lies within this post.

By following the Best Milk Frother Reviews Online, you shall get to know about the different types of milk frothers and their basic usages. You can also understand the basic functionality of this handy tool which you can use for your daily coffee needs.

For new buyers, we have also prepared a detailed Milk Frother Buyer’s Guide. The buyer’s guide includes all the information about the Milk Frothers that you might want to know about! Before we jump on to the Buyer’s Guide, let’s get on to the list of its reviews first.

1. Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother Reviews

Breville is the most popular brand when it comes to buying a new generation kitchen appliance. Breville has recently upgraded its Milk Frother range by adding multiple options for the new users. The NMF600XL Milk Café Frother from Breville is one of the best options for those who love to have a latte-type café every morning.

It’s a multi-purpose unit with which you can make a latte, chocolate café, chai lattes, cappuccino and all the other varieties of soft drinks. It is designed to broth both types of milk- hot and cold. It takes only a few seconds to get you creamy and silky consistency of milk.

Being an advanced machine, it comes with all the useful controls that you may need in a new generation milk brother. You can adjust the temperature or the consistency of milk foam as per your requirements from the built-in control panel.

If we talk about the build quality, this milk frother is made from high-grade stainless-steel materials which ensure its great durability. It’s a perfect addition to your countertop that you may not want to keep hidden from your guests.

With its great build quality, it comes with an easy-to-use functionality which makes the entire operation of the frother free from hassle. The design of this frother is easy to clean, you will not have to spend hours of your time to clean the machine after every use. The parts are also dishwasher safe.

Moving on to the capacity, you can make up to 3 cups of frothed milk with one go with its built-in capacity. With an advanced auto-shutoff feature, the machine turns off automatically when the desired temperature is achieved. You can use this frother worry-free.

What’s unique about this milk frother is it comes with a specialized cappuccino disc for thick and creamy froth. There’s a special latte disc is also available for those who need an instant latte.

The control panel of this milk frother is very convenient. You can easily adjust the temperature of the frother as well as can make use of the advanced cold-stir function.

The rear side of the milk frother has a special storage space. You can store things in this compartment. On-board storage helps you to store the discs. It works with induction heating technology which is safe for everyone.


  • Very Convenient
  • Easy-to-Clean with dishwasher safe parts
  • Durable construction with stainless-steel
  • Uses induction heating technology
  • 3 cups capacity
  • Multi-purpose frother comes with different discs.


  • A little expensive
  • Requires extra space on the countertop due to its big size.

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2. Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Review

Nespresso’s Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother is there to give you the frothiest milk to prepare the best of premium latte. This milk frother is designed for the busy souls who can make an instant latte in absolutely no time. It can froth milk in less than a minute. It uses induction heating technology.

The capacity of this milk frother is 250ml which is perfect for a single user. You can even make a 1/3 of frothed milk using the same machine. It gives you the thickest and creamy frothed milk quickly. It’s a multi-purpose milk frother, you can use it with both, hot and cold milk.

The sturdy build-quality of this milk frother makes it one of the best-selling milkfrother in the market. It is made from stainless steel and lasts for years. The dishwasher safe design is very easy to clean and takes only a couple of minutes. You can easily detach the milk jug to clean up after every use. You can also clean up the jug with normal running water.

Moreover, it is very safe to use where you don’t need to worry about safety. It features a cool-touch handle. You can easily remove frothed milk from the jug to serve and to prepare your favorite latte.

If you have a multiple users, then this milk frother is not an ideal choice for you. The milk frothing cycle of this machine is just 2 minutes, you can make quick lattes for multiple users by repeating the frothing cycles. It can handle multiple cycles every day so there’s no need to worry about the lifespan of this machine.

It comes with two indicators for maximum and minimum level. You will get to see the milk level that you pour over the cup to froth. The design of this machine is quite unique where you will get a jug and a base. The base is using the induction heating technology to heat up and froth the milk.


  • Faster performance with quick operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Small footprint requires no extra storage space
  • Stylish and sturdy design
  • Reasonable pricing


  • The capacity of this milk frother is very limited.
  • It lacks temperature control and other innovative features.

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3. Handheld Milk Frother from Kuissential Slickfroth 2.0 Review

If you have a low budget and searching for an entry-level milk frother for your personal needs, then Kuissential’s Handheld Milk Frother is the perfect option available for you in the market. It’s an electric handheld frother which acts as an electric blender. With its multi-purpose functionality, you can make a variety of coffees, lattes etc.

With its basic design, you can easily operate it with a single hand. It features a whisking head and a stem with a handle. The motor is included in the main handle. The handle of this milk frother is made from high-grade stainless-steel, t is extra durable and designed to last for years.

Cleaning of this milk frother machine is pretty easy. You can easily clean the whisking head of this frother with running tap water. It’s a single unit where no detachable parts are included.

The milk frother runs with AA batteries. The tool uses two AA batteries which you have to buy from the market on your own. The AA batteries are not included. The battery compartment is located on the canister which you can easily open and replace the batteries. The lifespan of the batteries is depending upon the usage of the machine.

The Handheld Slickfroth 2.0 is an advanced version of the Milk Frother. It is extra stylish and carrying a comfortable design with a durable body. It gives you super creamy, silky and thick froth in less than a minute. You need to use the machine with a compatible pot to prevent milk from spilling over.

You can use this milk frother for hot chocolate coffee, lattes, milkshakes and a variety of other recipes. It comes with manual control; you can stop it when the required textured of the milk is achieved.

With its reasonable pricing and easy-to-use operations, it’s the best option for those who are searching for a multi-purpose milk frother machine. The lifespan of this machine is up to 2 years.


  • Affordable pricing for everyone
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with easy operations
  • Easy to clean with no hassle
  • Performs really fast


  • You need to replace the Batteries of this Milk Frother more frequently as it doesn’t last long.

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4. HIC Milk Creamer Frother Review

If you are low in budget and searching for a budget-friendly and fully manual milk frother, then HIC’s Milk Creamer Frother is the best option for you. It mimics the functionality of a professional-grade frother. It’s a multi-purpose tool that lets you prepare a variety of coffees, lattes, milkshakes and more.

The Creamer Frother is made from high-grade stainless steel. It is durable enough to last for years. Being a fully manual frother, it doesn’t ask for any maintenance or special requirements to use.

You can pour either hot or cold milk with up to 14 ounces with its 14 ounces of capacity. You have to pump up the hot or cold milk manually to make a thick, shiny and creamy froth with little to no extra time. You can make perfectly frothed milk in less than a minute with this top-rated milk frother.

What makes this milk frother a unique option is it doesn’t ask for any external power. Unlike the battery powered or electric milk frothers, this milk frother works with manual effort.

The detachable top of the frother helps you to easily check the thickness of the frothed milk. You can shake it and pump it for a few extra seconds to achieve the desired thickness and texture of the hot or cold milk.

Using this tool is very easy where you just need to fix the pitcher inside the main chamber and pour over the milk to begin frothing. It is designed for versatile use where you can use all types of milk such as whole milk, goat milk, skim, almond milk, soy or cashew milk.

You can also use the same milk frother with a variety of other dairy products for making milkshakes etc. Cleaning the tool is super easy where you can easily detach the parts and wash them up with running water. It also features a cool touch handle for extra safety of the user.


  • Fully manual frother with no external power required
  • Portable design
  • Durable construction made with the stainless-steel material
  • Reasonable rate
  • Handy design


  • No user manual included in the box. A little difficult to use for the first time.

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5. MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother Review

MatchaDNA is a premium-grade milk frother designed for the new generation users. If you are searching for an all-in-one milk frother with the latest features and stylish design, then MatchaDNA’s Premium Automatic Milk Frother is the perfect choice for you.

If we talk about the design, this milk frother carries a big jug type design which features a cool-touch handle. The milk frother is made from high-grade stainless-steel material which is extra durable and designed to last for years. You will never have any issues regarding the build quality of this frother. It is the best budget milk frother available in the market.

This milk frother is there to give you thick, creamy and shiny frothed milk with no extra efforts. You can use this electrical milk frother with no manual task, all you have to do is just pour over the milk and start the machine. With less than 60 seconds, the machine can get you super smooth and thick frothed milk.

It comes with a simple push button control. You just need to press the button to start the frothing process. It is super easy and designed for all types of consumers even if they haven’t used it before. The overall design of this milk frother is easy to clean which makes absolutely no time with its detachable parts.

It is known for its versatile use. You can make a variety of cold drinks and coffees using this multi-purpose jug-type milk frother. You can make a latte, chocolate coffee, hot frothed milk, cappuccinos, milkshakes and many other recipes using this milk frother.

The base of this frother is detachable allowing users to take the main jug wherever you want to pour. It also makes it easier for the users to clean it with normal running water from the tap. The capacity of this milk frother is 250 ml I.e. 1 cup. However, you can use it multiple times to make instant latte and coffee for multiple users.


  • Excellent performance with powerful frothing
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Take no time for cleaning
  • Comes with a detachable base
  • Affordable pricing suitable for everyone
  • Fully electric machine requires no manual efforts
  • Backed by the company’s 1 Year of the limited warranty.


  • The power cord included with the frother is very short.
  • The capacity of this milk frother is only 1 cup, not suitable for big families with multiple coffee lovers.

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These are the market’s best milk frothers from the trusted brands which you can buy in the year 2020. After searching for hours, we have picked these best-selling milk frothers which are there to suit your basic milk frothing needs. You can use them for a variety of purposes as they are designed for multi-purpose use.

If you are a new buyer and don’t know anything about the Milk Frother, then here’s a detailed Milk Frothers Buyer’s Guide prepared for you. The following buyer’s guide for milk frother includes everything that you want to know.

Milk Frother Buyer’s Guide

The main purpose of using a milk frother is to make delicious and creamy mousse for those who need a Starbucks-like latte or cappuccino at home. It is a tool designed for special users who can fulfil their lust of having a delicious latte at their home every single day.

Types of Milk Frothers

Basically, there are two types of Milk Frothers available in the market, Electric Milk Frother and Manual Milk Frother. Let’s differentiate both of them!

Electric Milk Frother

Electric Milk Frother is the most popular type of milk frothers. They are quite popular in the market just because of their automatic functionality. They require no manual efforts and give you perfectly frothed milk in less time just by turning on the switch.

Electric Milk Frother comes with a battery or a direct power source. Depending on your basic requirements, you can go with a suitable type from the market. A battery-powered milk frother is suitable for frequent users. For daily use, you need to go with the fully electric milk frother which comes with a power cord.

Manual Milk Frothers

Manual Milk Frothers are also a great choice for frequent users. As the name says this type of models doesn’t require any special power to run. You can use them whenever you want with no special requirements.

Manual Milk Frothers work by hands, you need to manually shake the frother to froth the milk of different types. You can use all types of milk to froth using this milk frother. Since it runs without external power, it is very easy to use and provides extra safety.

Manual models are also compatible with induction systems which you can use to heat up the milk. They come in different shapes and sizes with unique operations and specifications.

Things to Consider While Buying a Milk Frother

As we know, the market is full of competition and we have hundreds of different types of models present in the market with different capacity, unique designs, build quality etc. It is extremely difficult for new buyers to get suitable milk frother from the market. To help you get the perfect milk frother, here we have enlisted a few things which you must be considered before you can buy it. Let’s get on to the list now!

Build Quality

Milk Frother you buy from the market must be durable enough to last for a longer time. Nobody wants to buy a product which doesn’t last long. Since you are investing your money, you need to check the materials used to construct the product.

Generally, Milk Frothers are made from high-grade stainless-steel materials. They are carrying a sturdy design and also enhance the overall look of the product. Make sure to check the build quality of the milk frother, it must be made from stainless steel materials.

Types of Milk

Milk Frothers are not limited to work with milk only but it is designed to work with a range of dairy products. You can make frothed milk, chocolate coffee, latte, cappuccino and many other types of cold drinks using this machine.

Different types of milk frothers have different capabilities of frothing milk. Most milk frothers are designed to froth cow milk. However, some models struggle a lot while using fat milk. Make sure to check the compatibility to use the different types of milk and other products with the milk frother.

Ease of Use

The Milk Frother that you buy must come with an easy-to-use functionality so that you can have a fully frothed milk with no hassle. Most milk frothers are easy to use as they come with an ergonomic design.

Make sure to check the device control first. The control panel of the frother must be safe and easy to use. If you go with an ordinary model, you will get a simple control with a push button. There will be no control on the manual models.

Some premium models come with an electronic control panel where you will be given multiple button controls. You can adjust the heat or will get an alert tone, automatic shut off feature and many other useful features. You should check everything well before you finalize it.


Most milk frothers come with an easy-to-clean design. You can easily detach the parts which are dishwasher safe. You can also clean them up with normal running water. Just like every other kitchen appliance, you need to clean up the milk frother after every single use to maintain its shiny body.

Some models require a lot of time for cleaning which you might not want. Make sure you go with the milk frother which comes with an easy-to-clean functionality with detachable and dishwasher safe parts.

You should also check out the quality of the whisker, pitcher and chamber’s build quality. It must have to have a non-stick surface which can ease the cleaning process.

Extra Features

To attract new users, different manufacturers of milk frothers offer a different set of features. If you don’t mind to pay a few extra bucks, then you should go with the premium-end milk frother which comes with a set of extra features to use.

A good milk frother comes with a temperature adjustment feature. You can control the temperature of the frother by using the temperature control button. The frother must have to be compatible to work with cold and hot milk. You can also adjust the thickness of the foam using the control button which is an additional feature on the milk frother.

Moreover, some models come with an automatic shut-off feature. The milk frother shuts off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature. You can have a worry-free frothing experience using this auto shut-off feature on the milk frother. This feature can only be found in the premium-end models.

Extra Accessories

As noted above, a milk frother is there for multi-purpose usage. You can enhance its usage by using a number of compatible accessories. Some models come with a number of useful accessories inside the box.

You can use these compatible accessories to use with the existing milk frother to work with different types of milk and dairy products. The different accessories can be used to change the foam quality of the milk. Make sure you check what’s included in the box when you finalize a milk frother.


If you are an ordinary user who needs a milk frother for basic use, then you might be surprised to see the price tags of the milk frothers. They are made from high-grade stainless-steel materials which is why they are carrying an expensive price tag.

However, some manufacturers also offer budget-friendly models for new buyers. You can also go with the handheld models or manual models which are relatively less expensive than the feature-rich milk frothers.

Make sure you understand your basic needs first and then start exploring the market. Sort out the list of the suitable milk frothers and pick the suitable model which comes under your budget. You should not go with an overpriced model which cost you extra bucks for no reason.


Most Milk Frothers are backed by the limited manufacturer warranty of up to 2 years. Some models come with a 1-year warranty while others come with 6 months of warranty. Some manual models require no warranty as they are fully manual and requires no special warranty.

Make sure you check the warranty period offered by the manufacturer so that you can have a worry-free life ahead. A good warranty period up to 2 years is considered a good option.

Final Words: 

Frothing is the fun part of coffee brewing and it is loved by every coffee lover who prepares their own coffee at home. With new technology and high competition, we have plenty of options present in the market to choose the budget-friendly and feature-rich milk frother.

The above listed reviews of milk frothers help you to decide which milk frother is right for you and why you should buy it by following the review part. We have also provided a detailed review of new buyers.

If you are a new buyer and don’t know anything about the milk frother, go through the buyer’s guide first to understand the basic functionality and usage of the milk frother. Follow the reviews and pick the suitable model from the list right now!

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